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  • Happily (N)Ever After: An Empirical Examination of the Termination of IJVs across Emerging versus Developed Markets.  148:390-404. 2022
  • Sustainability-focused Innovation in the business-to-business context: Antecedents and managerial Implications.  138:117-129. 2022
  • Sustainability-focused innovation in the business-to-business context: Antecedents and managerial implications.  138:117-129. 2022
  • Artificial intelligence: The light and the darkness.  136:229-236. 2021
  • How do financial analysts’ recommendations affect firm competitive actions? A rival-centric view.  134:531-539. 2021
  • Paradoxes of artificial intelligence in consumer markets: Ethical challenges and opportunities.  129:961-974. 2021
  • Out with The Old: The Dynamics of Product Modification Rates.  118:141-141. 2020
  • Out with The Old: The Dynamics of Product Modification Rates.  118:141-149. 2020
  • Out with the old: A Bayesian approach to estimating product modification rates.  118:141-149. 2020
  • Consumer Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of CSR Domains.  95:502-513. 2019
  • Consumer reactions to corporate social responsibility: The role of CSR domains.  95:502-513. 2019
  • The changing bases of mutual trust formation in inter-organizational relationships: A dyadic study of university-industry research collaborations.  74:47-54. 2017
  • Benchmarking sales staffing efficiency in dealerships using extended data envelopment analysis.  67:1904-1911. 2014
  • Using imagine instructions to induce consumers to generate ad-supporting content.  67:1567-1572. 2014
  • How virtual corporate social responsibility dialogs generate value: A framework and propositions.  66:1494-1504. 2013
  • Perceived external uncertainty, new product development, and the timeliness of international product launch: A commentary essay.  65:1346-1348. 2012
  • Top management team tenure and technological inventions at post-IPO biotechnology firms.  65:1349-1356. 2012
  • Human agency, social networks, and FOSS project success.  65:977-984. 2012
  • eWOM: The impact of customer-to-customer online know-how exchange on customer value and loyalty.  59:449-456. 2006
  • When the Product is Complex, Does the Advertisement's Conclusion Matter?.  48:55-62. 2000
  • Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Consumer Products: A Conceptual Framework
  • Is specific claim always better? The double edged effects of claim specificity in Green advertising
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