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  • Dr. Bigornia is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems at the University of New Hampshire. He uses epidemiological approaches to identify potential nutritional targets to inform therapies and prevention strategies to modify metabolic risk factors and reduce the burden of chronic disease. Areas of interest include dietary risk factors of overweight and obesity, the roles of inflammation and insulin resistance in vascular dysfunction, dietary fat quality in brain related health, and health disparities.
  • Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2019 The Mediterranean Diet and 2-Year Change in Cognitive Function by Status of Type 2 Diabetes and Glycemic Control.Diabetes Care.  42:1372-1379. 2019
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    Associations between meat consumption and incidence of cardiovascular disease among African American Adults
    Associations of Mediterranean-style diet adherence with circulating sphingolipid patterns
    Foods, nutrients, and diet quality intake and its determinants among adults living in Puerto RicoNutrients
    Prospective associations of circulating sphingolipid patterns with cognitive function
    Prospective associations of meat consumption with cardiometabolic risk factors among African American Adults


    Year Title
    2015 Diet and Obesity: Cause, Consequence, and Prevention 2015

    Conference Proceeding

    Year Title
    2017 Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid erythrocyte composition and 2-year change in body weightFASEB Journal. 2017
    2016 Consumption of Cheese and Nutrient Intake of the US PopulationFASEB Journal. 2016
    2016 Consumption of Salad Dressing and Nutrient Intake of the US PopulationFASEB Journal. 2016
    2016 Dairy Based Desserts are Negatively Associated with Bone Mineral Density among Puerto Rican AdultsFASEB Journal. 2016
    2016 Mediterranean Diet and Changes in Weight among Older Puerto Rican AdultsFASEB Journal. 2016
    2016 Mediterranean-style Dietary Pattern is associated with Hip Bone Mineral Density Among Older Puerto Rican AdultsFASEB Journal. 2016
    2016 Prospective Relations between Red Blood Cell n-6 and n-3 Fatty Acid Composition and Cognitive Function among Older Puerto Rican AdultsFASEB Journal. 2016
    2011 Arteriolar Function in Visceral Adipose Tissue is Impaired in Human ObesityCirculation. 2011
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    2010 Association Between Insulin Resistance and Macrophage-Mediated Inflammation in Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat Depots in Obese IndividualsObesity Research Obesity. S206-S206. 2010
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    2009 Predictors of Successful Weight Loss in an Urban Medically Supervised Weight Management CenterObesity Research Obesity. S123-S123. 2009

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  • Nutritional Epidemiology Taught course 2020
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  • Nutritional Biochemistry Taught course 2019
  • Nutritional Biochemistry Taught course 2019
  • Nutritional Epidemiology Taught course 2019
  • Nutritional Epidemiology Taught course 2019
  • Nutritional Biochemistry Taught course 2018
  • Nutritional Biochemistry Taught course 2018
  • Nutritional Epidemiology Taught course 2018
  • Nutritional Epidemiology Taught course 2018
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