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Year Title
2024 Biomass accumulation in trees and downed wood in northern hardwood forests: Repeated measures of a successional chronosequence in New Hampshire, USACanadian Journal of Forest Research.  54:431-446. 2024
2024 Responses of stomatal density and carbon isotope composition of sugar maple and yellow birch foliage to N, P and CaSiO3 fertilization.Tree Physiology: an international botanical journal.  44:tpad142. 2024
2023 Ecophysiological controls on water use of tropical cloud forest trees in response to experimental drought.Tree Physiology: an international botanical journal.  43:1514-1532. 2023
2023 Early warning signals of changing resilience in the biogeochemistry and biology of a northern hardwood forestEnvironmental Research Letters.  18:094052-094052. 2023
2023 Temporary thinning shock in previously shaded red spruceCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  53:491-502. 2023
2022 Tallo: A global tree allometry and crown architecture database.Global Change Biology.  28:5254-5268. 2022
2021 Sensitivity and threshold dynamics of Pinus strobus and Quercus spp. in response to experimental and naturally occurring severe droughts.Tree Physiology: an international botanical journal.  41:1819-1835. 2021
2021 Carbon and nitrogen acquisition strategies by wood decay fungi influence their isotopic signatures in Picea abies forestsFungal Ecology.  52:101069-101069. 2021
2021 Effects of Climate and Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on Early to Mid-Term Stage Litter Decomposition Across BiomesFRONTIERS IN FORESTS AND GLOBAL CHANGE.  4. 2021
2021 Pathogen-induced defoliation impacts on transpiration, leaf gas exchange, and non-structural carbohydrate allocation in eastern white pine (Pinus strobus)Trees: structure and function.  35:357-373. 2021
2020 Assessing Temperate Forest Growth and Climate Sensitivity in Response to a Long-Term Whole-Watershed Acidification ExperimentJournal of Geophysical Research Biogeosciences.  125. 2020
2020 Accounting for Carbon Flux to Mycorrhizal Fungi May Resolve Discrepancies in Forest Carbon BudgetsEcosystems.  23:715-729. 2020
2020 Influence of forest-to-silvopasture conversion and drought on components of evapotranspirationAgriculture, Ecosystems and Environment.  295:Not-Available. 2020
2020 Correcting tree-ring δ13C time series for tree-size effects in eight temperate tree species.Tree Physiology: an international botanical journal.  40:333-349. 2020
2020 TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access.Global Change Biology.  26:119-188. 2020
2019 Litter quality and site characteristics interact to affect the response of priming effect to temperature in subtropical forestsFunctional Ecology.  33:2226-2238. 2019
2019 Root litter inputs exert greater influence over soil C than does aboveground litter in a subtropical natural forestPlant and Soil: international journal on plant-soil relationships.  444:489-499. 2019
2019 Intensified vegetation water use under acid deposition.Science advances.  5:eaav5168. 2019
2019 Losses of mineral soil carbon largely offset biomass accumulation 15 years after whole-tree harvest in a northern hardwood forestBiogeochemistry: an international journal.  144:1-14. 2019
2019 Understory ferns alter soil carbon chemistry and increase carbon storage during reforestation with native pine on previously degraded sitesSoil Biology and Biochemistry.  132:80-92. 2019
2019 Hydrological niche segregation defines forest structure and drought tolerance strategies in a seasonal Amazon forestJournal of Ecology.  107:318-333. 2019
2018 Guidelines and considerations for designing field experiments simulating precipitation extremes in forest ecosystemsMethods in Ecology and Evolution.  9:2310-2325. 2018
2018 Systematic variation in evapotranspiration trends and drivers across the Northeastern United StatesHydrological Processes.  32:3547-3560. 2018
2018 Simulated leaf litter addition causes opposite priming effects on natural forest and plantation soilsBiology and Fertility of Soils.  54:925-934. 2018
2018 Impacts of White Pine Needle Damage on seasonal litterfall dynamics and wood growth of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) in northern New EnglandForest Ecology and Management.  423:27-36. 2018
2018 Early stage litter decomposition across biomes.Science of the Total Environment.  628-629:1369-1394. 2018
2018 Carbon fluxes and interannual drivers in a temperate forest ecosystem assessed through comparison of top-down and bottom-up approachesAgricultural and Forest Meteorology.  256:420-430. 2018
2018 Carbon fluxes and interannual drivers in a temperate forest ecosystem assessed through comparison of top-down and bottom-up approachesAgricultural and Forest Meteorology.  256-:420-430. 2018
2018 Temporal changes in soil C-N-P stoichiometry over the past 60 years across subtropical China.Global Change Biology.  24:1308-1320. 2018
2018 Phosphorus limitation of aboveground production in northern hardwood forests.Ecology.  99:438-449. 2018
2018 Resistance and resilience of social-ecological systems to recurrent typhoon disturbance on a subtropical island: TaiwanEcosphere.  9. 2018
2018 Response of mineral soil carbon storage to harvest residue retention depends on soil texture: A meta-analysisForest Ecology and Management.  408:9-15. 2018
2017 Are Northeastern US forests vulnerable to extreme drought?Ecological Processes.  6:34. 2017
2017 Increased litter in subtropical forests boosts soil respiration in natural forests but not plantations of Castanopsis carlesiiPlant and Soil.  418:141-151. 2017
2016 Elemental and isotopic perspectives on the impact of arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal fungi on mineral weathering across imposed geologic gradientsChemical Geology.  445:164-171. 2016
2016 Response of Quercus velutina growth and water use efficiency to climate variability and nitrogen fertilization in a temperate deciduous forest in the northeastern USA.Tree Physiology: an international botanical journal.  36:428-443. 2016
2016 Climate change decreases nitrogen pools and mineralization rates in northern hardwood forestsEcosphere.  7. 2016
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2012 Long-Term Integrated Studies Show Complex and Surprising Effects of Climate Change in the Northern Hardwood ForestBioScience.  62:1056-1066. 2012
2012 Assessing the Suitability of Rotary Coring for Sampling in Rocky SoilsSoil Science Society of America Journal.  76:1707-1718. 2012
2012 A comparison of presettlement and modern forest composition along an elevation gradient in central New HampshireCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  42:190-202. 2012
2012 Local-Scale Carbon Budgets and Mitigation Opportunities for the Northeastern United StatesBioScience.  62:23-38. 2012
2012 The Quantitative Soil Pit Method for Measuring Belowground Carbon and Nitrogen StocksSoil Science Society of America Journal.  76:2241-2255. 2012
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2009 Ice storm effects on the canopy structure of a northern hardwood forest after 8 yearsCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  39:1475-1483. 2009
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2007 Terrestrial gastropod responses to ecosystem-level calcium manipulation a northern hardwood forestCanadian Journal of Zoology.  85:994-1007. 2007
2007 Validation and refinement of allometric equations for roots of northern hardwoodsCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  37:1777-1783. 2007
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2006 Green leaf phenology at Landsat resolution: Scaling from the field to the satelliteRemote Sensing of Environment: an interdisciplinary journal.  100:265-279. 2006
Physiological response of mature red spruce trees to partial and complete sapwood severingTheoretical and Experimental Plant Physiology.  35:31-49.


Year Title
2008 Nitrogen inputs to Narragansett Bay: An historical perspective.  177-+. 2008

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