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Academic Article

Year Title
2015 Intersecting communities, interwoven identities: questioning boundaries, testing bridges, and forging a queer latinidad in the US SouthwestLanguage and Intercultural Communication.  15:424-440. 2015
2014 Making gender relevant in Spanish-language sports broadcast discourseGender and Language.  8:311-340. 2014
2012 Homophobic slurs and public apologies: The discursive struggle over fag/maricon in public discourseMultilingua.  31:55-81. 2012
2012 Language, Identity and Social Networks among LGBTQ Latins in Phoenix and the Urgency of Queering Research on Spanish in the U.S.Southwest Journal of Linguistics.  31:1-27. 2012
2009 The dynamics of Spanish maintenance and shift in Arizona Ethnolinguistic vitality, language panic and language prideSpanish in Context.  6:43-68. 2009
2008 Accomplishing marginalization in bilingual interaction: Relational work as a resource for the intersubjective construction of identityMultilingua.  27:129-150. 2008
2008 Rasgos y funciones del habla de contacto en las noticias televisivas en español en los Estados UnidosOralia.  11:29-55. 2008
2006 Who Wins in Research on Bilingualism in an Anti-bilingual State?Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development.  27:42-60. 2006
2006 Impoliteness in children's interactions in a Spanish/English bilingual community of practiceJournal of Politeness Research.  2:217-246. 2006
2005 Identities at play: language preference and group membership in bilingual talk in interactionJournal of Pragmatics.  37:301-315. 2005
2005 Aggravation and disagreement: a case study of a bilingual, cross-sex disputeSouthwest Journal of Linguistics.  24:31-51. 2005
2003 Red social y bilingüismo (inglés/español) en Detroit, MichiganRevista Internacional de Linguistica Iberoamericana.  1:59-78. 2003
1999 Language Choice in U. S. Latina First Person Narrative: The Effects of Language Standardization and SubordinationDiscourse.  21:132-150. 1999


Year Title
2018 Queer, Latinx, and Bilingual: Narrative Resources in the Negotiation of Identities 2018


Year Title
2018 Queering Spanish as a Heritage Language: Contesting heteronormativity in the SHL curriculum and making LGBTQ identities visible in the SHL classroom.  124-143. 2018
2017 Intersecting communities, interwoven identities: questioning boundaries, testing bridges, and forging a queer latinidad in the U.S. Southwest 2017
2015 Queer Latina/o Networks in the City: languages, identities and the ties that bind.  66-80. 2015
2012 Análisis del discurso.  141-161. 2012
2010 Research, responsibility and repression: anti-bilingualism in Arizona.  319-336. 2010
2008 "You're screwed either way": An exploration of code-switching, impoliteness and power.  255-279. 2008
2008 Conversation and Interactional Analysis.  275-295. 2008
2006 An overview of linguistic politeness in the Spanish of the United States.  121-139. 2006

Conference Proceeding

Year Title
2005 Bilingual language practices in a dual language immersion elementary schoolProceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Bilingualism. 2005
2002 Constructing a Bilingual Identity: conversation analysis of Spanish/English language use in a television interviewTexas Linguistic Forum 44. 33-47. 2002
Sociodemographics of Spanish in New England & New HampshireCambios y conexiones: Latinoamérica y España.

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  • B.A. Art History,Criticism&Conserv., Hood College
  • B.A. Spanish, Hood College
  • M.A. Romance Languages, University of Michigan
  • Ph.D. Romance Languages, University of Michigan
  • Ph.D. Spanish, University of Michigan
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