Sexuality and Bilingualism

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  • Research on sexuality and bilingualism from a sociocultural linguistic approach can and should encompass not only the diverse language practices of queer bilingual and multilingual people, but also a wide range of language contexts and a broad spectrum of research participants beyond non-heteronormative subjects. This chapter explores questions relating to language, sexuality, and bilingualism. It aims to show the quantity and scope of recent research on sexuality and bilingualism, as well as highlight areas that may warrant further research. The chapter attributes the complexity of the concepts of bilingualism and sexuality in part to migration and globalization as well as evolving understandings of identity and desire. Bilingual (and multilingual) speakers are discussed in the context of urban multilingual settings and more specifically LGBTQ communities within those settings. The chapter then features a reflection on what major issues and opportunities might arise from joining research on sexuality with research on bilingualism.

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  • November 7, 2018