National Science Foundation

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Awards Grant

  • Acquisition of Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope for Engineering and Earth Science Research
  • Advanced Manufacturing Partnerships (AMP): Broadening Participating in New Hampshire's Workforce
  • Big Data Literacy: Building Capacity for Regional Collaboration in Closing the Big Data Divide
  • Biocomplexity of hydrological service payments and watershed sustainability in Mexico
  • Clines in Chile: Why?
  • Collaborative Research: REU Site: Integrative approach to landscape evolution in a monogenetic volcanic field. San Francisco volcanic field, northern Arizona
  • Collaborative research, life in transition (LiT), and microbial systems in the biosphere (MSB): the changing diversity and evolution of decomposer fungi in response to soil warming and nitrogen additions
  • Comprehensive Approach for Safe, Inclusive, and Responsible Research: An Incubation Project
  • Continuous-Bending-under-Tension (CBT) Studies to Enhance the Formability of Advanced Steels and Aluminum Alloys
  • Dissertation Improvement Grant
  • Enhancing Student Gains During Experiential Learning Opportunities at UNH: A Model for Teaching and Assessment
  • Expansion and rehousing of the vertebrate collections of the Utah Museum of Natural History
  • Fitness and Competitiveness
  • Hagfish slime gland evolution
  • Individual variability in auditory learning characterized using multi-scale and multi-modal physiology and neuromodulation
  • Interactions among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Society
  • Internet NODE - UNH School of Law
  • REU Suppliment to Use of Elastin-Like Polymer as an Electrochemical Biosensor
  • RII-Track 1: New Hampshire Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing of Biomaterials (NH Bio-Made)
  • STEM Pathways for Rural Youth: Developing STEM Identity Through the Outdoors
  • Towards a unified ecology of tropical montane cloud forests
  • UNH ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant
  • Workshop Anticipating Economic Growth of Northern New England Coastal Communities
  • “Collaborative Research: Humans and Hydrology at High Latitudes.”
  • “Human Adaptation to Large-Scale Ecological Decline: A Comparative Study of Northern Atlantic Fishing Communities.”
  • “Interactions Among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services and Society.”