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  • Carolyn (White) Gamtso is the Director of the University of New Hampshire at Manchester Library. She is interested in creative information literacy initiatives, and enjoys working with faculty to design interactive, experiential student workshops. She collaborates with UNH Manchester’s Center for Academic Enrichment to train writing tutors in information literacy skills, and helps to oversee the college’s Research Mentor Program. Carolyn’s research interests include faculty/librarian classroom collaborations, and peer tutoring in the library. She has shared her scholarship in the area of library instruction at local, regional, national, and international conferences, and has co-authored articles and book chapters that discuss information literacy projects and practices. Carolyn earned a BA in English from the College of the Holy Cross, an MA in English from Indiana University, and an MLIS from the University of Rhode Island. She is an alumna of the ACRL Immersion Program (Teaching Track 2003 and Program Track 2017), and she is currently a student in the Doctorate of Education (EdD) Program at Plymouth State University.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2018 Tailoring Library Instruction for Non-Science Majors Taking Hybrid and Online Science Classes: Student Perceptions of Information Literacy in the Virtual EnvironmentPublic Services Quarterly Public and Access Services Quarterly.  14:99-118. 2018
    2017 Information Literacy Instruction in an English Capstone Course: A Study of Student Confidence, Perception, and PracticeJournal of Academic Librarianship.  43:143-155. 2017
    2013 RESEARCH MENTORING: EXPANDING THE ROLE OF WRITING TUTORS.Writing Lab Newsletter.  38:10-14. 2013
    2012 Guiding Students from Consuming Information to Creating Knowledge: A Freshman English Library Instruction CollaborationCommunications in Information Literacy.  117. 2012
    2006 Navigating Research Waters: The Research Mentor Program at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester.College and Undergraduate Libraries.  13:49-74. 2006
    2005 Rethinking the Paradigms: Toward a New Vision of Libraries and Student LearningInternational Journal of Learning.  12:123-130. 2005
    2004 A Collaborative Approach To Information LiteracyAcademic Exchange Quarterly.  8:165-171. 2004


    Year Title
    2021 Research Mentor Program at UNH Manchester: Peer Learning Partnerships.  299-319. 2021
    2019 Excavating Visual Texts: Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and the Graphic Novel in the Crime Fiction Classroom 2019
    2017 The Research Mentor Program at the University of New Hampshire Manchester Library 2017
    2016 The New Hampshire Human Library Project: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges by Engaging Communities of Learners 2016
    2016 Librarian and Peer Research Mentor Partnerships that Promote Student Success 2016
    2005 A Library, Learning Center, and Classroom Collaboration: A Case Study 2005

    Teaching Activities

  • Knowledge in Action Taught course 2022
  • Knowledge in Action Taught course 2020
  • Knowledge in Action Taught course 2020
  • Knowledge in Action Taught course 2019
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  • Carolyn Gamtso
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