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  • I teach Native American Literature and Women's Studies, and I have additional research interests in Sustainability/Environmental Studies, Disability Studies, and Digital Humanities. With the help of students, Native American authors, and local colleagues, I edit the website dawnlandvoices.org, a digital literary magazine and archive of Native American literature from New England. The website emerged from a book I edited in 2014, _Dawnland Voices: An Anthology of Writing from Indigenous New England_ (U of Nebraska P). At present I am finishing a book, also to be published with U of Nebraska, called _Sovereignty and Sustainability: Indigenous New England Literary Stewardship in the 20th and 21st Centuries_.
  • Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
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    Year Title
    2017 Blind Indians Kateri Tekakwi:tha and Joseph Amos's Visions of Indigenous Resurgence.  269-289. 2017
    2016 From Colonialism to Postcolonialism and Contemporary Empire.  393-405. 2016
    2015 Indigenizing Wikipedia Student Accountability to Native American Authors on the World's Largest Encyclopedia.  33-45. 2015

    Teaching Activities

  • Surv/Native Am Wmn Act/Culture Taught course 2019
  • Graduate Study of Literature Taught course 2018
  • First-Year Writing Taught course 2018
  • English Major Internship Taught course 2017
  • English Major Internship Taught course 2017
  • Honors/First-Year Writing Taught course 2017
  • American Indian Literature\Hon Taught course 2017
  • Sem/20th C American Literature Taught course 2017
  • Intro to Lit and Cult of Race Taught course 2016
  • Cyborgs, Avatars, & Feminists Taught course 2015
  • Graduate Study of Literature Taught course 2015
  • American Indian Literature Taught course 2015
  • Graduate Study of Literature Taught course 2014
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  • Siobhan Senier