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2018 Yield and Soluble Solids Content of Winter-grown Spinach in Unheated High Tunnels in New EnglandHortscience.  53:638-645. 2018
2016 Carotenoid Concentration and Composition in Winter Squash: Variability Associated with Different Cultigens, Harvest Maturities, and Storage TimesHortscience.  51:472-480. 2016
2016 Genetic Variation for Thermotolerance in Lettuce Seed Germination Is Associated with Temperature-Sensitive Regulation of ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR1 ( ERF1 ) Plant Physiology.  170:472-488. 2016
2016 In-Season and Carry-Over Effects of Cover Crops on Productivity and Weed SuppressionAgronomy Journal Journal of Production Agriculture.  108:1624-1635. 2016
2015 'Rambling Rose': A Pink-fruited Cherry Tomato for Hanging Basket ProductionHortscience.  50:1255-1256. 2015
2015 Performance of Sweetpotato Cultivars Grown Using Biodegradable Black Plastic Mulch in New HampshireHortTechnology.  25:412-416. 2015
2015 Effects of Living Mulch and Fertilizer on the Performance of Broccoli in PlasticultureHortscience.  50:218-224. 2015
2015 Performance of High Tunnel Tomato Cultivars in Northern New EnglandHortTechnology.  25:139-146. 2015
2014 Production of Bulbing Onion Overwintered in New Hampshire with Protection by Low TunnelsHortTechnology.  24:655-662. 2014
2014 Characterization and Performance of 16 New Inbred Lines of LettuceHortscience.  49:679-687. 2014
2014 Evaluation and QTL mapping of resistance to powdery mildew in lettucePlant Pathology.  63:344-353. 2014
2012 Survival and Yields of Fall-planted Winter Sprouting Broccoli Grown in High Tunnels for Spring Harvest in the Northeastern United StatesHortTechnology.  22:345-352. 2012
2010 SM09A and SM09B: Romaine Lettuce Breeding Lines Resistant to Dieback and with Improved Shelf LifeHortscience.  45:670-672. 2010
2008 Rowcovers improve winter survival and production of Western trailing 'Siskiyou' blackberry in the Eastern United StatesHortTechnology.  18:575-582. 2008
2007 Variation for Resistance to Verticillium Wilt in Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.)Plant Disease.  91:439-445. 2007
2006 Characterization of Race-Specific Interactions Among Isolates of Verticillium dahliae Pathogenic on LettucePhytopathology.  96:1380-1387. 2006
2005 Comparative genetic analysis of field resistance to downy mildew in the lettuce cultivars ‘Grand Rapids’ and ‘Iceberg’Euphytica.  142:205-215. 2005
2005 Genetic analysis and mapping of resistance to lettuce dieback: a soilborne disease caused by tombusvirusesTheoretical and Applied Genetics.  110:259-268. 2005
2004 Identification of germplasm with genetic resistance to drop caused by Sclerotinia minorJournal of the American Society for Horticultural Science.  129:70-76. 2004
2003 Characterization and genetic analysis of a lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) mutant, weary, that exhibits reduced gravitropic response in hypocotyls and inflorescence stemsJournal of Experimental Botany.  54:1259-1268. 2003
2003 Romaine lettuce (Lactica sativa L.) breeding lines with resistance to lettuce dieback.Hortscience.  38:627-628. 2003
2001 QTL mapping of fruit-related traits in pepper ( Capsicum annuum )Theoretical and Applied Genetics.  102:1016-1028. 2001
2001 Identification of quantitative trait loci associated with tolerance to cucumber mosaic virus in Capsicum annumTheoretical and Applied Genetics.  102:1213-1220. 2001
2000 Identification and comparative mapping of a dominant potyvirus resistance gene cluster in CapsicumTheoretical and Applied Genetics.  101:852-859. 2000
2000 New Source of Resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus in Capsicum frutescensPlant Disease.  84:885-891. 2000
2000 Genetic Mapping of the Tsw Locus for Resistance to the Tospovirus Tomato spotted wilt virus in Capsicum spp. and Its Relationship to the Sw-5 Gene for Resistance to the Same Pathogen in TomatoMolecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.  13:673-682. 2000
2000 Comparative genetic analysis of disease resistance within the SolanaceaeGenetics.  155:873-887. 2000


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2017 Rowcovers 2017

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Year Title
2010 Evaluation of 11 Cultivars of Sprouting Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.) for Potential as an Overwintering Crop for High Tunnels in New EnglandHortscience. S99-S99. 2010
2010 Growing Winter Sprouting Broccoli in New EnglandHortscience. 480-480. 2010

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