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Academic Article

Year Title
2019 Outdoor activity involvement and postsecondary status among rural adolescents: Results from a longitudinal analysisJournal of Leisure Research.  50:18-27. 2019
2018 Household Chaos, Hostile Parenting, and Adolescents' Well-Being Two Years LaterJournal of Child and Family Studies.  27:3701-3708. 2018
2017 Household chaos, relationships with parents and adolescents' future beliefsJournal of Family Studies.  23:229-242. 2017
2016 Perceived Local Job Prospects and School Connectedness in a Struggling Rural Economy: A Life-Course PerspectivePeabody Journal of Education.  91:224-245. 2016
2016 The relationship between gender and delinquency: Assessing the mediating role of anticipated guiltJournal of Criminal Justice.  44:77-88. 2016
2015 Brief report: Physical health of adolescent perpetrators of sibling aggression.Journal of Adolescence.  45:171-173. 2015
2015 Proactive and reactive sibling aggression and adjustment in adolescence.Journal of Interpersonal Violence.  30:965-987. 2015
2015 Socioeconomic Strain, Family Ties, and Adolescent Health in a Rural Northeastern CountyRural Sociology.  80:60-85. 2015
2015 Breadth of participation in organized and unstructured leisure activities over time and rural adolescents' functioning.Journal of Youth and Adolescence.  44:62-76. 2015
2015 Race, Coping Style, and Substance Use Disorder Among Non-Hispanic African American and White Young Adults in South Florida.Substance Use and Misuse International Journal of the Addictions.  50:1459-1469. 2015
2014 Rationalizing Delinquency: A Longitudinal Test of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Delinquent Attitudes and BehaviorSocial Psychology Quarterly.  77:361-386. 2014
2014 Practical ConsiderationsEmerging Adulthood.  2:173-183. 2014
2014 Feeling guilty to remain innocent: the moderating effect of sex on guilt responses to rule-violating behavior in adolescent legal socializationPsychology, Crime and Law.  20:722-740. 2014
2013 Rural parents' messages to their adolescent sons and daughters to leave their home communities.Journal of Adolescence.  36:963-970. 2013
2013 Sibling Proactive and Reactive Aggression in AdolescenceJournal of Family Violence.  28:299-310. 2013
2012 Legal Attitudes and Legitimacy: Extending the Integrated Legal Socialization ModelVictims and Offenders.  7:385-406. 2012
2012 Don't trust anyone over 30: parental legitimacy as a mediator between parenting style and changes in delinquent behavior over time.Journal of Adolescence.  35:119-132. 2012
2012 Perceived injustice and delinquency: A test of general strain theoryJournal of Criminal Justice.  40:230-237. 2012
2011 Perceived Community Cohesion and the Stress Process in YouthRural Sociology.  76:293-318. 2011
2010 A Life-course Perspective on the "Gateway Hypothesis".Journal of Health and Social Behavior Journal of health and human behavior.  51:244-259. 2010
2010 An integrated model of legal and moral reasoning and rule-violating behavior: the role of legal attitudes.Law and Human Behavior.  34:295-309. 2010
2006 The nature of work and the stress of higher status.Journal of Health and Social Behavior Journal of health and human behavior.  47:242-257. 2006
2006 Can social psychological delinquency theory explain the link between marijuana and other illicit drug use? Al ongitudinal analysis of the gateway hypothesisJournal of Drug Issues.  36:515-539. 2006
2005 Gender role orientations and alcohol use among Moscow and Toronto adults.Social Science and Medicine.  61:2317-2330. 2005
2005 Can control theory explain the link between parental physical abuse and delinquency? A lonitudinal analysisJournal of Research in Crime and Delinquency.  42:247-274. 2005
2004 Personal resources and depression in the transition to adulthood: ethnic comparisons.Journal of Health and Social Behavior Journal of health and human behavior.  45:34-52. 2004
2004 Cumulative exposure to stressful life events and male gang membershipJournal of Criminal Justice.  32:95-111. 2004
2003 Home-to-work conflict, work qualities, and emotional distressSociological Forum.  18:137-164. 2003
2002 Gender, the assertion of autonomy, and the stress process in young adulthoodSocial Psychology Quarterly.  65:346-363. 2002
2002 The relationship between age and depressive symptoms: a test of competing explanatory and suppression influences.Journal of Aging and Health.  14:260-285. 2002
2002 Gender and intergenerational transmission of alcohol use patterns: an analysis of adult children in Moscow.Substance Use and Misuse International Journal of the Addictions.  37:65-87. 2002
2001 Status, role, and resource explanations for age patterns in psychological distress.Journal of Health and Social Behavior Journal of health and human behavior.  42:80-96. 2001
2001 Introspectiveness, psychosocial resources, and depressionSocial Behavior and Personality.  29:105-111. 2001
2001 Looking inward: introspectiveness, physical disability, and depression across the life course.International Journal of Aging and Human Development.  53:293-310. 2001
2000 The personal and social links between age and self-reported empathySocial Psychology Quarterly.  63:152-174. 2000


Year Title
2017 Marijuana Examining the Facts 2017


Year Title
2016 The rural context of substance misuse in the United States Emerging adult patterns and local perceptions following the Great Recession.  253-263. 2016

Conference Proceeding

Year Title
2006 Effects of web-based instruction on math anxiety, the sense of mastery, and global self-esteem: A quasi-experimental study of undergraduate statistics studentsTeaching Sociology. 370-388. 2006
2001 Examining the explanatory and suppression influences on age-linked differences in depressive symptomologyThe Gerontologist. 283-283. 2001

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