Academic Article

Year Title
2016 Elevated Bladder Cancer in Northern New England: The Role of Drinking Water and Arsenic.Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  108. 2016
2016 Computer-based coding of free-text job descriptions to efficiently identify occupations in epidemiological studies.Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  73:417-424. 2016
2016 Combining Decision Rules from Classification Tree Models and Expert Assessment to Estimate Occupational Exposure to Diesel Exhaust for a Case-Control Study.Annals of Occupational Hygiene.  60:467-478. 2016
2015 Modification of Occupational Exposures on Bladder Cancer Risk by Common Genetic Polymorphisms.Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  107:djv223-djv223. 2015
2015 Using hierarchical cluster models to systematically identify groups of jobs with similar occupational questionnaire response patterns to assist rule-based expert exposure assessment in population-based studies.Annals of Occupational Hygiene.  59:455-466. 2015
2014 Identifying gender differences in reported occupational information from three US population-based case-control studies.Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  71:855-864. 2014
2014 Developing estimates of frequency and intensity of exposure to three types of metalworking fluids in a population-based case-control study of bladder cancer.American Journal of Industrial Medicine.  57:915-927. 2014
2014 Genome-wide interaction study of smoking and bladder cancer risk.Carcinogenesis.  35:1737-1744. 2014
2014 Genome-wide association study identifies multiple loci associated with bladder cancer risk.Human Molecular Genetics.  23:1387-1398. 2014
2014 Estimation of the probability of exposure to machining fluids in a population-based case-control study.Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene.  11:757-770. 2014
2011 Primary prevention for worker health and safety: cleaner production and toxics use reduction in MassachusettsJournal of Cleaner Production.  19:488-497. 2011
2010 Improving the quality of industry and occupation data at a central cancer registry.American Journal of Industrial Medicine.  53:995-1001. 2010
2010 Reliability of rapid reporting of cancers in New Hampshire.Journal of registry management.  37:107-111. 2010

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