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  • Synchrony of Nitrogen Wet Deposition Inputs and Watershed Nitrogen Outputs Using Information Theory.  59. 2023
  • Revisiting the Origins of the Power‐Law Analysis for the Assessment of Concentration‐Discharge Relationships.  59. 2023
  • Estimation of Turbulent Heat Fluxes and Gross Primary Productivity by Assimilating Land Surface Temperature and Leaf Area Index.  57. 2021
  • Local and Nonlocal Impacts of Gaps on Submerged Canopy Flow.  57. 2021
  • Extreme Value Snow Water Equivalent and Snowmelt for Infrastructure Design Over the Contiguous United States.  56. 2020
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrate Concentration-Discharge Behavior Across Scales: Land Use, Excursions, and Misclassification.  56. 2020
  • The Value of Long-Term (40 years) Airborne Gamma Radiation SWE Record for Evaluating Three Observation-Based Gridded SWE Data Sets by Seasonal Snow and Land Cover Classifications..  56:e2019WR025813. 2020
  • Identifying Subsurface Drainage using Satellite Big Data and Machine Learning via Google Earth Engine.  55:8028-8045. 2019
  • Enhanced Identification of Snow Melt and Refreeze Events From Passive Microwave Brightness Temperature Using Air Temperature.  55:3248-3265. 2019
  • Using In-Situ Optical Sensors to Understand the Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter Across a Stream Network.  54:2949-2958. 2018
  • An Evaluation of Nitrate, fDOM, and Turbidity Sensors in New Hampshire Streams.  54:2466-2479. 2018
  • Deconstructing the Effects of Flow on DOC, Nitrate, and Major Ion Interactions Using a High-Frequency Aquatic Sensor Network.  53:10655-10673. 2017
  • Aquatic Nitrate Retention at River Network Scales Across Flow Conditions Determined Using Nested In Situ Sensors.  53:9740-9756. 2017
  • Critical zone structure controls concentration-discharge relationships and solute generation in forested tropical montane watersheds.  53:6279-6295. 2017
  • Flow and scour constraints on uprooting of pioneer woody seedlings.  51:9190-9206. 2015
  • Comparison of passive microwave and modeled estimates of total watershed SWE in the continental United States.  50:9088-9102. 2014
  • Separation of river network-scale nitrogen removal among the main channel and two transient storage compartments.  47. 2011
  • Subsurface characterization of groundwater contaminated by landfill leachate using microbial community profile data and a nonparametric decision-making process.  47. 2011
  • Residence time distributions in surface transient storage zones in streams: Estimation via signal deconvolution.  47. 2011
  • Spatiotemporal analyses of soil moisture from point to footprint scale in two different hydroclimatic regions.  47. 2011
  • Enhanced detection of groundwater contamination from a leaking waste disposal site by microbial community profiles.  46. 2010
  • Surface and hyporheic transient storage dynamics throughout a coastal stream network.  46. 2010
  • Remote sensing observatory validation of surface soil moisture using Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer E, Common Land Model, and ground based data: Case study in SMEX03 Little River Region, Georgia, US.  44. 2008
  • Geostatistical analysis of an experimental stratigraphy.  41. 2005
  • Oriented carbonate concretions in a paleoaquifer: Insights into geologic controls on fluid.  35:1705-1711. 1999
  • Relationship between fluvial bounding surfaces and the permeability correlation structure.  33:1843-1854. 1997
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