Applied and Environmental Microbiology


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  • Stable Transformation of the Actinobacteria Frankia spp..  85. 2019
  • Deep-Subsurface Pressure Stimulates Metabolic Plasticity in Shale-Colonizing Halanaerobium spp..  85. 2019
  • Parallel Evolution of Two Clades of an Atlantic-Endemic Pathogenic Lineage of Vibrio parahaemolyticus by Independent Acquisition of Related Pathogenicity Islands..  83:e01168-e01117. 2017
  • Verrucomicrobia are candidates for polysaccharide-degrading bacterioplankton in an arctic fjord of Svalbard..  80:3749-3756. 2014
  • Influence of temperature on the physiology and virulence of the insect pathogen Serratia sp. Strain SCBI..  78:8840-8844. 2012
  • Influence of seasonality on the genetic diversity of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in New Hampshire shellfish waters as determined by multilocus sequence analysis..  78:3778-3782. 2012
  • Casuarina root exudates alter the physiology, surface properties, and plant infectivity of Frankia sp. strain CcI3..  78:575-580. 2012
  • Ecology and genetic structure of a northern temperate Vibrio cholerae population related to toxigenic isolates..  77:7568-7575. 2011
  • Significant natural product biosynthetic potential of actinorhizal symbionts of the genus frankia, as revealed by comparative genomic and proteomic analyses..  77:3617-3625. 2011
  • Microbial community composition and function in permanently cold seawater and sediments from an arctic fjord of svalbard..  77:2008-2018. 2011
  • Comparison of the pathogenic potentials of environmental and clinical vibrio parahaemolyticus strains indicates a role for temperature regulation in virulence..  76:7459-7465. 2010
  • Dispersion of TiO₂ nanoparticle agglomerates by Pseudomonas aeruginosa..  76:7292-7298. 2010
  • Protistan predation affects trichloroethene biodegradation in a bedrock aquifer..  75:7588-7593. 2009
  • Proteogenomic monitoring of Geobacter physiology during stimulated uranium bioremediation..  75:6591-6599. 2009
  • Enhanced UV inactivation of adenoviruses under polychromatic UV lamps..  73:7571-7574. 2007
  • Melanin production and use as a soluble electron shuttle for Fe(III) oxide reduction and as a terminal electron acceptor by Shewanella algae BrY..  68:2436-2444. 2002
  • Effect of growth conditions and staining procedure upon the subsurface transport and attachment behaviors of a groundwater protist..  68:1872-1881. 2002
  • Heavy metal resistance patterns of Frankia strains..  68:923-927. 2002
  • Consumption of tropospheric levels of methyl bromide by C(1) compound-utilizing bacteria and comparison to saturation kinetics..  67:5437-5443. 2001
  • Lon protease influences antibiotic production and UV tolerance of Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5..  66:2718-2725. 2000
  • Rapid Consumption of Low Concentrations of Methyl Bromide by Soil Bacteria.  64:1864-1870. 1998
  • Size-selective predation on groundwater bacteria by nanoflagellates in an organic-contaminated aquifer..  64:618-625. 1998
  • Transport behavior of groundwater protozoa and protozoan-sized microspheres in sandy aquifer sediments..  61:209-217. 1995
  • Seasonal incidence of Vibrio vulnificus in the Great Bay estuary of New Hampshire and Maine..  58:3257-3262. 1992
  • Formation and regeneration of protoplasts of the actinorhizal nitrogen-fixing actinomycete frankia..  53:53-56. 1987
  • Specific phases of root hair attachment in the Rhizobium trifolii-clover symbiosis..  48:1140-1150. 1984
  • Light and electron microscopic studies of microorganisms growing in rotating biological contactor biofilms..  45:1659-1669. 1983
  • Alteration of the Trifoliin A-Binding Capsule of Rhizobium trifolii 0403 by Enzymes Released from Clover Roots..  44:478-490. 1982
  • Wet and dry bacterial spore densities determined by buoyant sedimentation..  43:1307-1310. 1982
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