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  • My research interests lie in how microbial communities and soil chemistry interact to affect ecosystem function. I use genomics and stable isotopes as my main tools. I have worked in a variety of ecosystems from the Australian Outback to permafrost-affected Arctic tundra. I am currently developing projects exploring how agricultural management affects microbial diversity and function in New Hampshire.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2023 Frequent defoliation of perennial legume-grass bicultures alters soil carbon dynamicsPlant and Soil: international journal on plant-soil relationships.  490:423-434. 2023
    2023 Greater regulation of permafrost organic matter composition by enzymes and redox than temperatureSoil Biology and Biochemistry.  180:108991-108991. 2023
    2023 Tillage and pesticide seed treatments have distinct effects on soil microbial diversity and functionSoil Biology and Biochemistry.  176:108860-108860. 2023
    2022 Clarifying the evidence for microbial- and plant-derived soil organic matter, and the path toward a more quantitative understanding.Global Change Biology.  28:7167-7185. 2022
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    2022 Dominance of Diffusive Methane Emissions From Lowland Headwater Streams Promotes Oxidation and Isotopic EnrichmentFrontiers in Environmental Science.  9. 2022
    2021 Is A Common Goal A False Hope in Convergence Research?: Opportunities and Challenges of International Convergence Research to Address Arctic ChangeEarth's Future.  9. 2021
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    2020 The IsoGenie database: an interdisciplinary data management solution for ecosystems biology and environmental researchPeerJ.  8:e9467-e9467. 2020
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    We Must Stop Fossil Fuel Emissions to Protect Permafrost EcosystemsFrontiers in Environmental Science.  10.


    Year Title
    2011 Controls on the Temperature Sensitivity of Soil Enzymes: A Key Driver of In Situ Enzyme Activity Rates.  245-258. 2011

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  • Work Experience Taught course 2023
  • Arctic Ecology and Society Taught course 2022
  • Arctic Ecology and Society Taught course 2022
  • Contemporary Conservatn Issues Taught course 2022
  • Work Experience Taught course 2022
  • Work Experience Taught course 2022
  • Arctic Ecology and Society Taught course 2022
  • Arctic Ecology and Society Taught course 2022
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  • Adv Rsrch Exp/Natural Resource Taught course 2018
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  • Sem/Hot Topic in a Cold Place Taught course 2018
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  • Jessica Ernakovich
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