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2024 Auditory Category Learning in Children With Dyslexia.Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.  67:974-988. 2024
2024 Individual differences in working memory impact the trajectory of non-native speech category learning.PLoS ONE.  19:e0297917. 2024
2023 Stable, flexible, common, and distinct behaviors support rule-based and information-integration category learning.NPJ Sci Learn.  8:14. 2023
2023 Auditory and visual category learning in children and adults.Developmental Psychology.  59:963-975. 2023
2022 The nature of non-native speech sound representations.Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.  152:3025. 2022
2022 Long-term priors constrain category learning in the context of short-term statistical regularities.Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.  29:1925-1937. 2022
2022 The representational glue for incidental category learning is alignment with task-relevant behavior.Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition.  48:769-784. 2022
2022 Auditory and visual category learning in musicians and nonmusicians.Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.  151:739-748. 2022
2021 Neural dynamics underlying the acquisition of distinct auditory category structures.NeuroImage.  244:118565. 2021
2021 Comparing perceptual category learning across modalities in the same individuals.Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.  28:898-909. 2021
2019 Auditory information-integration category learning in young children and adults.Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.  188:104673. 2019
2019 Perceptual dimensions influence auditory category learning.Attention, Perception and Psychophysics.  81:912-926. 2019
2018 Task and distribution sampling affect auditory category learning.Attention, Perception and Psychophysics.  80:1804-1822. 2018
2017 Listening Into 2030 Workshop: An Experiment in Envisioning the Future of Hearing and Communication Science.Trends in hearing.  21:2331216517737684. 2017


Year Title
2024 Combining pupillometry and drift-diffusion models reveals auditory category learning dynamics 2024
2021 Working memory relates to individual differences in speech category learning: Insights from computational modeling and pupillometry 2021

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