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  • Our technology-driven society is dependent upon satellite technology for communication, navigation, and national security, as well as upon a reliable power grid for everyday needs such as money transactions, job functions, and food storage. These infrastructure systems are vulnerable to geomagnetic activity, when charged particles in the space surrounding Earth are energized and transported due to energy input from the Sun. My research centers on studying these charged particles during enhanced geomagnetically active events to improve our understanding of and eventually be able to forecast the characteristics of space during them. Such improved space weather forecasts would provide a reliable warning system to protect satellite and power grid infrastructure.

    My research includes three areas: magnetospheric physics, instrument development, and laboratory plasma physics. In magnetospheric physics, I analyze satellite-based data to understand the dynamics of the magnetosphere during geomagnetic storms. These data are often incorporated with computer models to improve understanding of the underlying physics. I am working to develop the next generation of plasma spectrometers to measure charged particles in space, particularly on small platforms such as CubeSats. The spectrometer is also being developed as a diagnostic for fusion energy producing plasma research. I am also involved in laboratory based plasma physics research, particularly with laser-based diagnostics. These studies help us to understand space-relevant phenomena.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2022 A Survey of Uncertainty Quantification in Machine Learning for Space Weather PredictionGeosciences (Switzerland).  12:27-27. 2022
    2021 An Encounter With the Ion and Electron Diffusion Regions at a Flapping and Twisted Tail Current SheetJournal of Geophysical Research.  126. 2021
    2021 Mesoscale Structures in Earth's Magnetotail Observed Using Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging.Geophysical Research Letters.  48. 2021
    2020 Comparison of Deep Learning Techniques to Model Connections Between Solar Wind and Ground Magnetic PerturbationsFRONTIERS IN ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCES.  7. 2020
    2020 Database of Storm Time Equatorial Ion Temperatures in Earth's Magnetosphere Calculated From Energetic Neutral Atom DataJournal of Geophysical Research.  125. 2020
    2019 Enhanced Energetic Neutral Atom ImagingFRONTIERS IN ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCES.  6:9. 2019
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    2016 Key elements of a low voltage, ultracompact plasma spectrometerJournal of Geophysical Research.  121:1452-1465. 2016
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    2015 Database of ion temperature maps during geomagnetic storms.Earth and Space Science.  2:39-46. 2015
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    2002 RF absorption and ion heating in helicon sources.Physical Review Letters.  88:195002. 2002
    Database of storm-time equatorial ion temperatures in Earth's magnetosphere calculated from energetic neutral atom data
    Database of storm-time equatorial ion temperatures in Earth's magnetosphere calculated from energetic neutral atom data and case studies showing "clearing" of hot ions from the plasma sheet
    Statistics of Flow Channels Observed as Regions of Ion Heating in Energetic Neutral Atom Images


    Year Title
    2019 Community Based Solar Eclipse Outreach in Rural Appalachia.  77-83. 2019
    2017 A Review of Dawn-Dusk Asymmetries Observed Using the TWINS Mission of OpportunityGeophysical Monograph Series. 213-221. 2017

    Conference Paper

    Year Title
    2016 The CUSPED Mission: CUbeSat for GNSS Sounding of the Ionosphere-Plasmasphere Electron Density54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting. 2016
    2010 Time-resolved measurements of double layer evolution in expanding plasmaPhysics of Plasmas. 055701-055701. 2010
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    2004 Laser-induced fluorescence measurements of three plasma species with a tunable diode laserReview of Scientific Instruments. 4091-4093. 2004
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    2004 Radial profiles of neutral argon in a helicon sourceThe 31st IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science, 2004. ICOPS 2004. IEEE Conference Record - Abstracts.. 394-1648. 2004
    2003 Ion dynamics in helicon sourcesPhysics of Plasmas. 2127-2135. 2003
    A Deep Learning Approach to the Forecasting of Ground Magnetic Field Perturbations at High and Mid Latitudes
    Predicting Ground Magnetic Field Fluctuations from Geomagnetic Storm Data Using a Novel Transformer-Based Model
    Training a Neural Network Using Geomagnetic Storm Data to Predict Ground Magnetic Field Fluctuations
    Training a Neural Network Using Geomagnetic Storm Data to Predict Ground Magnetic Field Fluctuations
    Using Machine Learning and Geomagnetic Storm Data to Determine the Risk of GIC Occurrence
    Using an LSTM and Classification Methods to Determine Risk of dB/dt Threshold Crossings as Proxy for Geomagnetically Induced Currents

    Teaching Activities

  • Doctoral Research Taught course 2022
  • Doctoral Research Taught course 2021
  • Optics Taught course 2021
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  • Plasma Physics Taught course 2021
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  • Education And Training

  • B.S. Mathematics, Davidson College
  • M.S. Physics, West Virginia University
  • Ph.D. Plasma Physics, West Virginia University
  • Full Name

  • Amy Keesee