Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title
2023 Associations between older siblings' substance use and younger siblings' substance use intentions: Indirect effects via substance use expectations.Addictive Behaviors.  136:107493. 2023
2022 Relations between stress, coping strategies, and prosocial behavior in U.S. Mexican college studentsJournal of American College Health.  70:1644-1650. 2022
2022 Familism Values Embedded in US Mexican Mother-Child Conversations About Sibling ConflictsJournal of Social and Personal Relationships.  026540752211084-026540752211084. 2022
2022 Sibling influences on adolescent alcohol use during the spring 2020 COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.Psychology of Addictive Behaviors2022
2022 Direct and indirect effects of maternal and sibling intimacy on adolescents' volunteering via social responsibility values: A longitudinal studyJournal of Social and Personal Relationships.  026540752210833-026540752210833. 2022
2022 Parenting and person correlates of prosocial behaviors in Asian Indian young adultsPersonal Relationships.  29:100-119. 2022
2022 The Intervening Roles of Shame and Guilt in Relations between Parenting and Prosocial Behavior in College Students.The Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development.  183:564-579. 2022
2021 Longitudinal Changes in Adolescents' School Bonding During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Individual, Parenting, and Family Correlates.Journal of Research on Adolescence.  31:808-819. 2021
2021 A cross‐ethnoracial comparison of objective and subjective neighborhood predictors of early adolescents' prosocial behaviorSocial Development.  30:767-785. 2021
2021 African American mothers talk to their preadolescents about honesty and lying.Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.  27:521-530. 2021
2021 Relations Among Parenting, Culture, and Prosocial Behaviors in U.S. Mexican Youth: An Integrative Socialization ApproachChild Development.  92. 2021
2021 A longitudinal study of paternal and maternal involvement and neighborhood risk on recent immigrant Latino/a youth prosocial behaviorsNew directions for child and adolescent development.  2021:13-30. 2021
2021 Latino/a young adults' experiences of acculturative stress, depressive symptoms, and romantic relationship commitment: Ethnic identity as protectiveJournal of Social and Personal Relationships.  38:1738-1749. 2021
2021 Relations Among Acculturative Stress, Internalizing Symptoms, and Prosocial Behaviors in Latinx College StudentsJOURNAL OF LATINX PSYCHOLOGY.  9:77-91. 2021
2021 The intervening role of anxiety symptoms in associations between Self-Regulation and prosocial behaviors in U.S. Latino/a college students.Journal of American College Health.  1-9. 2021
2021 Ethnic-Racial and Religious Identity as Mediators of Relations Between Ethnic-Racial Socialization and Prosocial Behaviors Among Black Young AdultsThe Journal of Black Psychology.  47:31-50. 2021
2021 Towards a Multisystem, Strength-Based Model of Social Inequities in US Latinx YouthHuman Development.  65:204-216. 2021
2020 Direct and indirect effects of parental involvement, deviant peer affiliation, and school connectedness on prosocial behaviors in US Latino/a youthJournal of Social and Personal Relationships.  37:2898-2917. 2020


Year Title
2019 Conducting Research in Developmental Psychology.  171-188. 2019

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