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  • My research program focuses on the connections between family socialization, risk-resilience, and socioemotional and behavioral well-being during adolescence and emerging adulthood in diverse contexts. One line of research highlights how family members such as parents and siblings socialize prosocial behaviors among culturally diverse adolescents and emerging adults. A second line of research underscores the effects of risk (e.g., stress) and resilience (e.g., coping) factors on substance use, school bonding, and prosocial behaviors in adolescents and emerging adults from diverse backgrounds. Through my research, I am committed to understanding ways to support healthy development and well-being in adolescents and emerging adults.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2024 Understanding Links between Pandemic-Related Racial Attitudes and Out-Group Prosocial BehaviorsThe Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development.  185:272-281. 2024
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    2020 Direct and indirect effects of parental involvement, deviant peer affiliation, and school connectedness on prosocial behaviors in US Latino/a youthJournal of Social and Personal Relationships.  37:2898-2917. 2020


    Year Title
    2023 Siblings.  225-231. 2023
    2019 Conducting Research in Developmental Psychology.  171-188. 2019

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  • Sahitya Maiya