Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title
2022 Experimental validation and numerical investigation of virtual strain sensing methods for steel railway bridgesJournal of Sound and Vibration.  537:117207-117207. 2022
2022 A Bayesian smoothing for input-state estimation of structural systemsComputer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.  37:317-334. 2022
2021 Unsupervised Machine Learning for Robust Bridge Damage Detection: Full-Scale Experimental ValidationEngineering Structures.  249:113250-113250. 2021
2021 Fatigue crack detection in welded structural components of steel bridges using artificial neural networkJournal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring.  11:931-947. 2021
2021 On Bayesian active vibration control of structures subjected to moving inertial loadsEngineering Structures.  239:112313-112313. 2021
2021 A framework for hybrid simulation with online model updating suitable for hard real-time computingStructural Control and Health Monitoring Progress in Structural Engineering and Materials Journal of Structural Control.  28. 2021
2020 Recursive principal component analysis for model order reduction with application in nonlinear Bayesian filteringComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering.  371:113334-113334. 2020
2020 Auto-regressive model based input and parameter estimation for nonlinear finite element modelsMechanical Systems and Signal Processing.  143:106779-106779. 2020
2020 Steel railway bridge fatigue damage detection using numerical models and machine learning: Mitigating influence of modeling uncertaintyInternational Journal of Fatigue.  134:105458-105458. 2020
2019 Input-state-parameter estimation of structural systems from limited output informationMechanical Systems and Signal Processing.  126:711-746. 2019
2019 Damage detection in structural systems utilizing artificial neural networks and proper orthogonal decompositionStructural Control and Health Monitoring Progress in Structural Engineering and Materials Journal of Structural Control.  26:e2288-e2288. 2019
2018 Automated, strain-based, output-only bridge damage detectionJournal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring.  8:833-846. 2018
2018 On-Chip Testing: A Miniaturized Lab to Assess Sub-Micron Uncertainties in Polysilicon MEMSMicro and Nanosystems.  10:84-93. 2018
2018 Mechanical Characterization of Polysilicon MEMS: A Hybrid TMCMC/POD-Kriging Approach.Sensors Diversity.  18:E1243. 2018
2018 Online damage detection in structural systems via dynamic inverse analysis: A recursive Bayesian approachEngineering Structures.  159:28-45. 2018
2017 Experimental validation of the Kalman-type filters for online and real-time state and input estimationJVC/Journal of Vibration and Control.  23:2494-2519. 2017
2017 Online damage detection via a synergy of proper orthogonal decomposition and recursive Bayesian filtersNonlinear Dynamics.  89:1489-1511. 2017
2016 Micromechanical Characterization of Polysilicon Films through On-Chip Tests.Sensors Diversity.  16:E1191. 2016
2016 A new simplified formula in prediction of the resonance velocity for multiple masses traversing a thin beamScientia Iranica.  23:133-141. 2016
2015 Damage Detection in Flexible Plates through Reduced-Order Modeling and Hybrid Particle-Kalman Filtering.Sensors Diversity.  16:E2. 2015
2015 A dual Kalman filter approach for state estimation via output-only acceleration measurementsMechanical Systems and Signal Processing.  60-61:866-886. 2015
2014 Vibration of a thin rectangular plate subjected to series of moving inertial loadsMechanics Research Communications.  55:105-113. 2014
2013 Investigation of computational and accuracy issues in POD-based reduced order modeling of dynamic structural systemsEngineering Structures.  54:150-167. 2013
2013 Dynamic response of Timoshenko beam under moving massScientia Iranica.  20:50-56. 2013
2012 Dual estimation of partially observed nonlinear structural systems: A particle filter approachMechanics Research Communications.  46:54-61. 2012
2012 Stochastic system identification via particle and sigma-point Kalman filteringScientia Iranica.  19:982-991. 2012
2012 Parallelized sigma-point Kalman filtering for structural dynamicsComputers and Structures.  92-93:193-205. 2012
Unscented Kalman Filter Empowered by Bayesian Model Evidence for System Identification in Structural DynamicsIOCA 2021


Year Title
2014 Online Damage Detection in Structural Systems 2014


Year Title
2019 State of the Climate in 2018Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. S1-U24. 2019
2019 Fatigue Monitoring and Remaining Lifetime Prognosis Using Operational Vibration MeasurementsConference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series. 133-136. 2019
2015 Experimental Validation of the Dual Kalman Filter for Online and Real-Time State and Input EstimationConference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series. 1-13. 2015
2015 Online Damage Detection in Plates via Vibration MeasurementsConference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series. 85-91. 2015
2014 ConclusionsSpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology. 123-127. 2014
2014 Dual Estimation and Reduced Order Modeling of Damaging StructuresSpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology. 105-121. 2014
2014 Model Order Reduction of Dynamic Systems via Proper Orthogonal DecompositionSpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology. 57-86. 2014
2014 POD-Kalman Observer for Linear Time Invariant Dynamic SystemsSpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology. 87-103. 2014
2014 Recursive Bayesian Estimation of Partially Observed Dynamic SystemsSpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology. 7-55. 2014

Conference Paper

Year Title
2019 Full Scale Bridge Damage Detection Using Sparse Sensor Networks, Principal Component Analysis, and Novelty DetectionThe 6th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications. 34. 2019
2018 Output-only Structural Health Monitoring of a Riveted Steel Railway Bridge utilizing Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, Artificial Neural Network, and Strain Measurements5th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications. 30. 2018
2017 Optimal design of sensor networks for damage detectionProcedia Engineering. 1864-1869. 2017
2017 Uncertainty quantification in polysilicon MEMS through on-chip testing and reduced-order modelling2017 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THERMAL, MECHANICAL AND MULTI-PHYSICS SIMULATION AND EXPERIMENTS IN MICROELECTRONICS AND MICROSYSTEMS (EUROSIME). 1-8. 2017
2015 Online Fatigue Damage Prediction for Metallic Structures Via Output Only Vibration MeasurementsSTRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING 2015: SYSTEM RELIABILITY FOR VERIFICATION AND IMPLEMENTATION, VOLS. 1 AND 2. 2383-2390. 2015
2012 Dynamic control of beams acted by multiple moving masses in resonance state using piezo-ceramic actuatorsProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. 83412j-83412j-6. 2012
2011 Stochastic system identification via filtering techniquesProceedings of the International Conference on Structural Dynamic , EURODYN. 2455-2462. 2011
2010 A Parallel Implementation of the Sigma-Point Kalman FilterCivil-Comp Proceedings. 2010
2010 Stochastic System Identification using Kalman FilteringCivil-Comp Proceedings. 2010

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