The Importance and Application of Technology in a Geometry for Teachers Course.



  • With technology at their fingertips, today’s students expect to use it in their learning. The Geometry for Teachers (GeT) course can provide initial exposure to technology tools used in geometry to build students’ dispositions and appreciation for the affordances of such technology. GeT students should have opportunities to utilize technology to explore, conjecture, and strengthen their understanding of geometric relationships. It is critically important to expose preservice teachers to technology and to provide them with opportunities to explore technology tools for the learning of mathematics. Seeing the power of technologies can inspire them to use such tools in their future classrooms. This chapter explains the importance of Student Learning Objective (SLO) 6 (Technologies) and provides activities for GeT instructors that use Dynamic Geometry Environments (DGEs) or Digital Proof Tools (DPTs) to support student learning and engage with the other SLOs. These technology tools are investigated using two theoretical frameworks: the Geometric Habits of Mind (GHoM) for DGEs and the Mathematical Working Space Theory (MWS) for DPTs.
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  • An, T
  • Krupa, E
  • Vestal, S
  • Buchbinder, Orly
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  • Technology, Dynamic Geometry Environment, Digital Proof Tool, Geometry Habits of Mind, Mathematical Working Space