Öffnung von Dreikernclustern durch Diphosphinomethan-Liganden / Opening of Trinuclear Clusters by Diphosphinomethane Ligands

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  • Abstract The phosphinidene bridged clusters FeCo2(CO)9(PMe) and FeCoWCp(CO)8(PM e) add the diphosphinomethane ligands dmpm and dppm with concomitant opening of two metal-metal bonds. The crystal structure determination of the addition product (Me2P-CH2-PMe2)FeCoWCp(CO)8(PMe) has shown that the Fe -W and Fe -Co bonds have been opened and the chelating diphosphine spans the Co -W bond. This is in contrast to the reaction with monodentate phosphines where the Co -W and Co -Fe bonds are broken. Upon heating the addition products eliminate two moles of CO with formation of the diphos­ phinom ethane substituted starting clusters, which in turn add CO under pressure to re-form the addition products.
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  • Planalp, Roy
  • Vahrenkamp, Heinrich
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  • February 1, 1989
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