Hollywood at the Intersection of Race and Identity



  • Hollywood at the Intersection of Race and Identity explores the ways Hollywood represents race, gender, class, and nationality at the intersection of aesthetics and ideology and its productive tensions. This collection of essays asks to what degree can a close critical analysis of films, that is, reading them against their own ideological grain, reveal contradictions and tensions in Hollywood’s task of erecting normative cultural standards? How do some films perhaps knowingly undermine their inherent ideology by opening a field of conflicting and competing intersecting identities? The challenge set out in this volume is to revisit well-known films in search of a narrative not exclusively constituted by the Hollywood formula and to answer the questions: What lies beyond the frame? What elements contradict a film’s sustained illusion of a normative world? Where do films betray their own ideology and most importantly what intersectional spaces of identity do they reveal or conceal
  • Authors

  • Konzett, Delia
  • Mayer, Ruth
  • Maurice, Alice
  • Scott, Ellen C
  • Eagle, Jonna
  • Friedman, Ryan Jay
  • Regester, Charlene
  • Konzett, Matthias
  • Cagle, Chris
  • Saranillio, Dean Itsuji
  • Cassano, Graham
  • Ovalle, Priscilla Peña
  • Acevedo-Muñoz, Ernesto R
  • Beltrán, Mary
  • Okada, Jun
  • Wallenberg, Louise
  • Status

    Publication Date

  • November 2019
  • Keywords

  • Performing Arts
  • International Standard Book Number (isbn) 10

  • 0813599334
  • International Standard Book Number (isbn) 13

  • 9780813599311