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2022 Tidal disruption of solitons in self-interacting ultralight axion dark matterPhysical Review D.  105. 2022
2022 New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter 2022
2020 Robust posterior inference when statistically emulating forward simulations 2020
2020 Lighting the Dark: Evolution of the Postinflationary Universe.Physical Review Letters.  124:061301. 2020
2019 Scalar polynomial curvature invariants in the context of the Caftan-Karlhetle algorithmInternational Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics.  16:1950027-1950027. 2019
2017 Expectations for inflationary observables: simple or natural?Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.  2017:032-032. 2017
2016 On scalar curvature invariants in three dimensional spacetimesGeneral Relativity and Gravitation.  48. 2016
2016 Ultraspinning limits and rotating hyperboloid membranesNuclear Physics B.  903:400-417. 2016
2015 Mathematical properties of a class of four-dimensional neutral signature metricsJournal of Geometry and Physics.  97:1-13. 2015
2015 Ultraspinning limits and super-entropic black holesThe Journal of High Energy Physics.  2015:096. 2015
2015 Neutral signature Walker-CSI metricsJournal of Geometry and Physics.  89:74-81. 2015
2014 Neutral signature Walker-VSI metricsClassical and Quantum Gravity.  31:035015-035015. 2014


Year Title
2023 Commuter Count: Inferring Travel Patterns from Location Data 2023
2023 Simulations of multifield ultralight axionlike dark matterPhysical Review D2023
2023 Scalar dark matter vortex stabilization with black holes 2023

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  • Nathan Musoke