Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title
2015 The climate change consensus extends beyond climate scientistsEnvironmental Research Letters.  10:094025-094025. 2015
2015 Implementation and comparison of a suite of heat stress metrics within the Community Land Model version 4.5Geoscientific Model Development.  8:151-170. 2015
2014 High latitude hydrological changes during the Eocene Thermal Maximum 2Earth and Planetary Science Letters.  404:167-177. 2014
2014 Antarctic glaciation caused ocean circulation changes at the Eocene-Oligocene transition.Nature.  511:574-577. 2014
2014 Organic-rich sedimentation in the South Pacific Ocean associated with Late Paleocene climatic coolingEarth-Science Reviews.  134:81-97. 2014
2014 Uncertainties in the modelled CO2 threshold for Antarctic glaciationClimate of the Past.  10:451-466. 2014
2014 A suite of early Eocene (similar to 55 Ma) climate model boundary conditionsGeoscientific Model Development.  7:2077-2090. 2014
2014 State service foresters' attitudes toward using climate and weather information when advising forest landownersJournal of Forestry.  112:9-14. 2014
2014 The challenge of simulating the warmth of the mid-Miocene climatic optimum in CESM1Climate of the Past.  10:523-536. 2014

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