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2022 Formative Interests and Pathways to Natural Resources Careers among Historically Underrepresented PeopleSociety and Natural Resources.  35:260-280. 2022
2021 Preferences for Northern Hardwood Silviculture among Family Forest Owners in Michigan's Upper PeninsulaJournal of Forestry.  119:113-129. 2021
2020 Applying Theory of Constraints to Timber Harvesting: A Case Study from the Northeast USACroatian Journal of Forest Engineering: journal for theory and application of forestry engineering.  41:59-69. 2020
2019 US family forest management coupling natural and human systems: Role of markets and public policy instrumentsLandscape and Urban Planning.  188:43-53. 2019
2018 A latent-class discrete-choice model of demand for economics electives: a case study on the challenge to increase enrollmentJournal of Marketing for Higher Education.  28:113-127. 2018
2017 Impacts of Forestry Best Management Practices on Logging Costs and Productivity in the Northeastern USAJournal of Forestry.  115:503-512. 2017
2016 Case Study of Three High-Performing Contract Loggers with Distinct Harvest Systems: Are They Thriving, Striving, or Just Surviving?Forest Products Journal.  66:97-105. 2016
2016 Forest conservation programs and the landowners who prefer them: Profiling family forest owners in the New York City watershedLand Use Policy: the international journal covering all aspects of land use.  50:17-28. 2016
2016 Is it efficient to single-handedly run a multi-machine harvesting operation? A case study from the Northeast United StatesInternational Journal of Forest Engineering.  27:140-150. 2016
2015 Family Forest Owner Preferences for Forest Conservation Programs: A New York Case StudyForest Science.  61:597-603. 2015
Perspectives on the social license of the forest products industry from rural Michigan, United StatesWikiJournal of Science.  5:1-1.

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