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  • As a UNH Cooperative Extension Science Literacy State Specialist and Affiliate Associate Professor with the Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education, I coordinate and direct STEM education programs for youth and educators (formal and informal), secure grant funding to support statewide K-12 STEM education initiatives, promote partnerships and collaborations among UNH faculty and staff who work on K-12 STEM education initiatives, and carry out applied research in the field of science education, investigating factors that improve K-12 educators’ instructional practice and learners’ science literacy and attitudes toward STEM disciplines.
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  • Exploring Teaching Taught course 2014
  • Intrnshp & Sem/Teaching Taught course 2014
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  • B.A. Biological&Biomedical Sci.Rel., Hampshire College
  • M.S. Plant Sciences, University of New Hampshire
  • Ph.D. Plant Sciences, University of New Hampshire
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  • Lara Gengarelly
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  • University of New Hampshire

    Leitzel Center

    UNH Parsons N117, Academic Way