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  • Complete genome sequence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus ST36 strain MAVP-26, a clinical isolate from an oyster-borne human gastric infection..  e0035224. 2024
  • Draft Genome Sequences for Bacteria Associated with Root Nodules of Alnus incana in New England..  11:e0091422. 2022
  • High-Quality Genome Sequences of Six Actinobacterial Strains Isolated from Granite, Granodiorite, and Tourmaline Rock Surfaces Sampled from Tamil Nadu, India, and New England, United States..  11:e0094622. 2022
  • Draft Genome Sequence of Xanthobacter aminoxidans ATCC BAA-299T..  11:e0054822. 2022
  • High-Quality Draft Genome Sequence of Kibdelosporangium philippinense, Generated by Hybrid Assembly of Short and Long Sequencing Reads..  11:e0002022. 2022
  • Draft Genome Sequences of 6 Actinobacterial Strains Isolated from Rock Surfaces Obtained from Indian Stone Ruins in Tamil Nadu, India, and Rocks from New England, United States..  11:e0002422. 2022
  • Genome Sequence of Litorilinea aerophila, an Icelandic Intertidal Hot Springs Bacterium..  11:e0120621. 2022
  • Genome Sequence of the Thermophilic Soil Bacterium Ureibacillus terrenus ATCC BAA-384T..  10:e0105421. 2021
  • Closed Genome Sequence of Yavru, a Novel Arthrobacter globiformis Phage..  10:e0098621. 2021
  • Correction for MacLea and Trachtenberg, "Complete Genome Sequence of Staphylococcus epidermidis AMT Chromosome and Plasmids, Generated by Long-Read Sequencing"..  9:e01231-e01220. 2020
  • Draft Genome Sequence for Frankia sp. Strain BMG5.11, a Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterium Isolated from Elaeagnus angustifolia..  9:e00824-e00820. 2020
  • Metagenome Sequences from Tidal Marsh and Marine Sediment from the Great Bay Estuary of New Hampshire..  9:e00038-e00020. 2020
  • Draft Genome Sequences of 10 Bacterial Strains Isolated from Root Nodules of Alnus Trees in New Hampshire..  9:e01440-e01419. 2020
  • Genome Sequence of Bacillus thuringiensis Strain MW, a Freshwater Isolate..  9:e01482-e01419. 2020
  • Draft Genome Sequence of Dermacoccus nishinomiyaensis TSA37, Isolated from Wood Ash..  8:e01370-e01319. 2019
  • Genome Sequence of the Radiation-Resistant Bacterium Deinococcus radiophilus ATCC 27603T..  8:e00627-e00619. 2019
  • Genome Sequence of the Moderately Halophilic Yellow Sea Bacterium Lentibacillus salicampi ATCC BAA-719T..  8:e00702-e00719. 2019
  • Draft Genome Sequence of Xanthobacter tagetidis ATCC 700314T..  8:e00242-e00219. 2019
  • Draft Genome Sequence of the Psychrotolerant Bacterium Kurthia sibirica ATCC 49154T..  7:e00841-e00818. 2018
  • Genome Sequence of Kurthia Type Species Kurthia zopfii Strain ATCC 33403T..  7:e00833-e00818. 2018
  • Genome Sequence of the Halophilic Bacterium Kangiella spongicola ATCC BAA-2076T..  7:e00847-e00818. 2018
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