Draft Genome Sequences of 10 Bacterial Strains Isolated from Root Nodules of Alnus Trees in New Hampshire.

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  • Here, we report the draft genome sequences obtained for 10 bacterial strains isolated from root nodules of Alnus trees. These members of the nodule microbiome were sequenced to determine their potential functional roles in plant health. The selected strains belong to the genera Rhodococcus, Kocuria, Rothia, Herbaspirillum, Streptomyces, and Thiopseudomonas.
  • Authors

  • Davis, Ian
  • Sevigny, Joseph
  • Kleiner, Victoria
  • Mercurio, Kelsey
  • Pesce, Céline
  • Swanson, Erik
  • Thomas, W Kelley
  • Tisa, Louis
  • Publication Date

  • January 9, 2020
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  • Genetics
  • Human Genome
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  • 9
  • Issue

  • 2