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  • Jeannie L. Sowers is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Director for the International Affairs Program at the University of New Hampshire. A scholar of comparative politics of the Middle East, her publications focus on political economy, ecology, and state-society relations in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Her most recent book is Modern Egypt: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford University Press, 2018), co-authored with Bruce Rutherford. Her book Environmental Politics in Egypt: Experts, Activists, and the State (Routledge, 2013) was awarded Runner-Up for the 2013 Harold and Margaret Sprout Award for the best book in international environmental politics by the International Studies Association. She also co-edited with Chris ToensingThe Journey to Tahrir: Revolution, Protest, and Social Change in Egypt (Verso, 2012). She has published articles in International Affairs, Security Dialogue, Climatic Change, Development and Change, International Environmental Agreements, the International Journal of Middle East Studies, Middle East Report, Current History, and the Journal of Environment and Development.

    Prof. Sowers holds a BA from Harvard University and an MA and Ph.D. from Princeton University, and has held postdoctoral and visiting appointments at Harvard University and Oxford University. Her research has been funded by grants from Princeton University, the Institute for the Study of World Politics, Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, the University of New Hampshire, and the Gerda Henkel Foundation. She serves on editorial board of Global Environmental Politics and is a contributor and former editorial board member for Middle East Report.
  • Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title
    2019 Targeting infrastructure and livelihoods in the West Bank and GazaInternational Affairs.  95:319-340. 2019
    2017 The High Stakes of Climate Adaptation in the Middle EastCurrent History.  348-354. 2017
    2017 Targeting environmental infrastructures, international law, and civilians in the new Middle Eastern warsSecurity Dialogue.  48:410-430. 2017
    2015 Securitizing Water, Climate, and Migration in Israel, Jordan, and SyriaInternational Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics.  15:293-307. 2015
    2015 Activism and Political Economy in the New-Old EgyptInternational Journal of Middle East Studies.  47:140-143. 2015
    2014 The Campaign Against Coal in EgyptMiddle East Report.  271:29-35. 2014
    2014 Water, Energy, and Human Insecurity in the Middle East and North AfricaMiddle East Report.  271. 2014
    2011 Climate change, water resources, and the politics of adaptation in the Middle East and North AfricaClimatic Change.  104:599-627. 2011
    2011 The politics of assessment: water and sanitation MDGs in the Middle East.Development and Change.  42:1153-1178. 2011
    2009 Damietta Mobilizes for Its EnvironmentMiddle East Report2009


    Year Title
    2018 Modern Egypt What Everyone Needs to Know 2018
    2013 Environmental Politics in Egypt 2013
    2012 The Journey to Tahrir Revolution, Protest, and Social Change in Egypt 2012


    Year Title
    2018 Environmental Activism in the Middle East and North Africa 2018
    2018 The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Arid Regions: The Politics of Problemsheds.  167-196. 2018
    2017 Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Egypt.  40-71. 2017
    2013 Resources and Revenues: The Political Economy of Climate Initiatives in Egypt.  199-216. 2013
    2012 Institutional Change in Authoritarian Regimes: Water and the State in Egypt.  231-254. 2012
    2011 Authoritarian Rule and Democratic Demands in the Middle East.  335-361. 2011
    2011 Re-mapping the Nation, Critiquing the State: Environmental Narratives and Desert Land Reclamation in Egypt.  158-191. 2011
    1999 Just Green Marketing? State, Business, and Environment in Egypt.  160-171. 1999
    1999 States and Sovereignty: An Introduction.  15-21. 1999

    Teaching Activities

  • Comp Politics of Middle East Taught course 2018
  • Politics &Policy Warming World Taught course 2018
  • States and Societies Mid East Taught course 2018
  • Seminar Taught course 2016
  • States and Societies Mid East Taught course 2016
  • Comp Politics of Middle East Taught course 2016
  • Pro-Seminar Taught course 2016
  • Comp Environmental Politics Taught course 2015
  • States and Societies Mid East Taught course 2014
  • Comp Politics of Middle East Taught course 2014
  • Comparative Government&Society Taught course 2014
  • Rsrch Exp/Political Science Taught course 2014
  • Education And Training

  • B.A., Harvard University
  • M.A. Political Science & Government, Princeton University
  • Ph.D. Political Science, Princeton University
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  • Jeannie Sowers