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2017 To address the Anthropocene, engage the liberal artsAnthropocene.  18:105-110. 2017
2014 Friendship, Fainéantise , and Fraternal Correction in Graffigny’s Letters to Devaux 1752–53Eighteenth-Century Fiction.  26:355-374. 2014
2013 Graffigny’s Self, Graffigny’s Friend: Intimate Sharing in the Correspondance1750–52Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture.  42:215-236. 2013
2012 Literary Women, Reason, and the Fiction of EnlightenmentThe French Review.  85:1011-1038. 2012
2012 The Recent Work of Luce Irigaray [Special Issue]Esprit Createur.  52:1-125. 2012
2010 The Difference She Makes: Staging Gender Identity in Graffignys PhazaTulsa Studies in Womens Literature.  29:291-309. 2010
2009 Between Fact and Fiction: Telling the Stories of XVIIIth-Century WomenCahiers Isabelle de Charriere/Belle de Zuylen Papers.  4:45-65. 2009
2004 'Que faire pour être raisonnable?': La Réunion du bon sens et de l'esprit de Françoise de Graffigny 2004
2004 Sexual Education as Enlightenment in Riccoboni's Lettres de Mistriss Fanni Butlerd à Mylord Charles Alfred and Histoire du Marquis de CressyWomen in French Studies.  12:32-44. 2004
2003 Reading in Translation: Luce Irigaray's The Way of LoveReader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy.  49:44-64. 2003
2003 The Light of Reason in Graffigny's Lettres d'une PéruvienneDalhousie French Studies.  63:3-11. 2003
2002 Reading and Rethinking the Subject in Luce Irigaray's Recent WorkParagraph.  25:22-31. 2002
2002 LUCE IRIGARAY AND LOVECultural Studies.  16:603-610. 2002
1996 Thinking life as relation: An interview with Luce IrigarayContinental Philosophy Review Man and World.  29:343-360. 1996


Year Title
2010 The Fiction of Enlightenment: Women of Reason in the French Eighteenth Century 2010


Year Title
2015 "Chairing Stories".  233-238. 2015
2008 Thinking Life as Relation: An Interview with Luce Irigaray.  1-19. 2008
2006 From Convention to Performance: The Woman of Reason in Letters of Mistress Henley Published by Her Friend.  175-186. 2006
2000 Thinking Life as Relation: An Interview with Luce Irigaray.  343-360. 2000

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