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2021 Characterizing the Utility of the Root-to-Shoot Ratio in Douglas-Fir Seedling ProductionForests.  12:1745-1745. 2021
2021 Early growth and ecophysiological responses of Koa (Acacia koa A. Gray) seedlings to reduced water and phosphorusNew Forests.  53:643-660. 2021
2021 The Scientific Basis of the Target Plant Concept: An OverviewForests.  12:1293-1293. 2021
2021 The High Cost of the Low-Cost Polybag System: A Review of Nursery Seedling Production SystemsLand.  10:826-826. 2021
2021 Effects of heat treatment and chilling duration on camas growth and developmentScientia Horticulturae.  282:110048-110048. 2021
2020 Nursery Cultural Techniques Facilitate Restoration of Acacia koa Competing with Invasive Grass in a Dry Tropical ForestForests.  11:1124-1124. 2020
2020 Seed coat permeability and germination requirements of snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus (L.) S.F. Blake)Native Plants Journal.  21:334-340. 2020
2019 Informing native plant sourcing for ecological restoration: cold‐hardiness dynamics, flowering phenology, and survival ofEriogonum umbellatumRestoration Ecology.  27:616-625. 2019
2019 Subirrigation Effects on Larch Seedling Growth, Root Morphology, and Media ChemistryForests.  10:38-38. 2019
2018 Effects of Fertilizer on Media Chemistry and Red-flowering Currant Seedling Growth Using a Subirrigation SystemHortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural Science.  53:1862-1871. 2018
2017 Growth and Survival of Two Western Milkweed Species: Effects of Container Volume and Fertilizer RateHortTechnology.  27:482-489. 2017
2017 Effects of fire radiative energy density dose on Pinus contorta and Larix occidentalis seedling physiology and mortalityInternational Journal of Wildland Fire.  26:82-82. 2017
2017 Improving restoration success through research-driven initiatives: case studies targeting Pinus pinea reforestation stock development in LebanonPlant Ecology Vegetatio.  218:39-53. 2017
2016 Do Container Volume, Site Preparation, and Field Fertilization Affect Restoration Potential of Wyoming Big Sagebrush?Natural Areas Journal.  36:194-201. 2016
2016 Seedling establishment and physiological responses to temporal and spatial soil moisture changesNew Forests.  47:223-241. 2016
2015 Response of conifer species from three latitudinal populations to light spectra generated by light-emitting diodes and high-pressure sodium lampsCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  45:1711-1719. 2015
2015 Stocktype and grass suppression accelerate the restoration trajectory of Acacia koa in Hawaiian montane ecosystemsNew Forests.  46:855-867. 2015
2014 Container volume and growing density influence western larch (Larix occidentalis Nutt.) seedling development during nursery culture and establishmentNew Forests.  45:199-213. 2014
2013 Role of Temperature and Moisture in the Survival and Seedling Physiology of a Great Basin PerennialEcological Restoration.  31:388-394. 2013
2012 Phenology of foliar and volatile terpenoid production for Thuja plicata families under differential nutrient availabilityEnvironmental and Experimental Botany.  77:44-52. 2012
2012 Marked, biased, filter (MBF): use of digital X-radiography and mark-recapture to partition seed lots based on sampled individual seed quality attributesNew Forests.  43:169-184. 2012
2012 Sulfometuron methyl influences seedling growth and leaf function of three conifer speciesNew Forests.  43:185-195. 2012
2012 Photosynthetic response, carbon isotopic composition, survival, and growth of three stock types under water stress enhanced by vegetative competitionCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  42:333-344. 2012
2011 Overcoming Dormancy and Enhancing Germination of Sphaeralcea munroana SeedsHortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural Science.  46:1672-1676. 2011
2011 Nursery Culture Impacts Cold Hardiness in Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris) SeedlingsRestoration Ecology.  19:717-719. 2011
2011 Growth, Gas Exchange, Foliar Nitrogen Content, and Water Use of Subirrigated and Overhead-irrigated Populus tremuloides Michx. SeedlingsHortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural Science.  46:1249-1253. 2011
2011 Early field performance of Acacia koa seedlings grown under subirrigation and overhead irrigationNative Plants Journal.  12:94-99. 2011
2011 Establishment and growth of container seedlings for reforestation: A function of stocktype and edaphic conditionsForest Ecology and Management.  261:1876-1884. 2011
2011 Subirrigation for production of native plants in nurseries--concepts, current knowledge, and implementationNative Plants Journal.  12:81-93. 2011
2011 Influence of Sulfometuron Methyl on American Chestnut Seedling Growth and Leaf FunctionNorthern Journal of Applied Forestry.  28:36-40. 2011
2010 Modeling individual conifer seed shape as a sum of fused partial ellipsoidsCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  40:2175-2186. 2010
2010 Survival and competitiveness of Quercus rubra regeneration associated with planting stocktype and harvest opening intensityNew Forests.  40:273-287. 2010
2009 Inoculating Acacia koa with Bradyrhizobium and Applying Fertilizer in the Nursery: Effects on Nodule Formation and Seedling GrowthHortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural Science.  44:443-446. 2009
2009 Drought susceptibility and recovery of transplanted Quercus rubra seedlings in relation to root system morphologyAnnals of Forest Science.  66:504-504. 2009
2008 Short-day treatment alters Douglas-fir seedling dehardening and transplant root proliferation at varying rhizosphere temperaturesCanadian Journal of Forest Research.  38:1526-1535. 2008
2008 Influence of irrigation method and container type on northern red oak seedling growth and media electrical conductivityNative Plants Journal.  9:4-12. 2008
2008 Cold hardiness and transplant response of Juglans nigra seedlings subjected to alternative storage regimesAnnals of Forest Science.  65:606-606. 2008
2006 Subirrigation: Reduces Water Use, Nitrogen Loss, and Moss Growth in a Container NurseryNative Plants Journal.  7:253-261. 2006
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2006 Organic Matter Added to Bareroot Nursery Beds Influences Soil Properties and Morphology of Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Quercus rubra SeedlingsNew Forests.  31:293-303. 2006
2005 Afforestation motivations of private landowners: An examination of hardwood tree plantings in Indiana.Northern Journal of Applied Forestry.  22:149-153. 2005
2005 Quantifying root system quality of nursery seedlings and relationship to outplanting performance.New Forests.  30:295-311. 2005
2005 Genetic considerations in the operational production of hardwood nursery stock in the eastern United States.Native Plants Journal.  6:4-13. 2005
2004 Establishment success of conservation tree plantations in relation to silvicultural practices in Indiana, USA.New Forests.  28:23-36. 2004
Active Ground Optical Remote Sensing for Improved Monitoring of Seedling Stress in NurseriesSensors Diversity.  10:2843-2850.
Developing and supporting quality nursery facilities and staff are necessary to meet global forest and landscape restoration needsREFORESTA.  69-93.
Lignin in Woody Plants under Water Stress: A ReviewFloresta e Ambiente.  23:589-597.
Meeting Forest Restoration Challenges: Using the Target Plant ConceptREFORESTA.  37-52.
Stocktype and Vegetative Competition Influences on Pseudotsuga menziesii and Larix occidentalis Seedling EstablishmentForests.  9:228-228.
Toward Sustainable Cultivation of Pinus occidentalis Swartz in Haiti: Effects of Alternative Growing Media and Containers on Seedling Growth and Foliar ChemistryForests.  9:422-422.

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