• Tim Chadwick is a lecturer of computer science in UNH Manchester's Computer Information Systems, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship, and Analytics undergraduate programs, as well as the Information Technology master's program. His background is in computer science and entrepreneurship with experience in manufacturing, media, education, bioinformatics, and emerging internet performance. Most recently Tim was a principal engineer at Dyn, a cloud-based Internet Performance Management company. Over six years, he helped Dyn grow to ultimate Oracle acquisition by leading the charge on all things data and database.

    Tim's research interests include graph theory, operations research, and the connections between bioinformatics and public health. Currently, Tim pursues these research interests with Steve Strassman, a research scientist at the Wyss Institute.

    Tim is also passionate about building sustainable, diverse, and healthy communities. He co-owns CrossFit Amoskeag where he spends time developing new programs, techniques for new athletes, and infrastructure for advanced athletes. Tim is also actively pursuing certifications from the YogaLife Institute in Exeter, NH.
  • Teaching Activities

  • Big Data for Data Engineers Taught course 2019
  • Machine & Network Architecture Taught course 2019
  • Master's Continuing Research Taught course 2019
  • Top/Networking Technologies Taught course 2019
  • AdvTop/Big Data Taught course 2018
  • System Integration & Arch Taught course 2018
  • Big Data for Data Engineers Taught course 2018
  • Networking Technologies Taught course 2018
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Taught course 2017
  • Database Application Develop Taught course 2017
  • System Integration & Arch Taught course 2017
  • AdvTop/Dev Ops Prin & Practice Taught course 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Project Taught course 2017
  • Web Application Development Taught course 2017
  • Database Application Develop Taught course 2016
  • SpcTop/EntrepreneurshipProject Taught course 2015
  • AdvTop/Big Data Taught course 2015
  • System Integrat Architect Taught course 2014
  • AdvTop/Big Data and Beyond Taught course 2014
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  • Timothy Chadwick