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Year Title
2019 Armed and Dangerous –– Teachers? A Policy Response to Security In Our Public Schools.Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal.  2019:63-93. 2019
2018 Case Commentary: Doe v. Baum: The Sixth Circuit Reiterates that Students Accused of Sexual Assault Are Constitutionally Entitled to Confront Their Accusers at University Title IX Disciplinary Hearings.School Law Reporter, Education Law Association.  60:189-191. 2018
2018 Doe v. Baum: The Sixth Circuit Reiterates that Students Accused of Sexual Assault Are Constitutionally Entitled to Confront Their Accusers at University Title IX Disciplinary Hearings.School Law Reporter.  60. 2018
2018 LGBTQ Student Organizations and the Equal Access Act: Betsy DeVos Has No Power to Restrict the Protection of the EAA.Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University (Invited).2018
2018 Commentary “Doe v. University of Cincinnati: A College Student Accused of Sexual Assault Has a Right to Confront His Accuser at a University Disciplinary Hearing.”Teachers College Record2018
2018 Teachers’ Careers Up in Smoke and Viral: Off-Duty Conduct in Modern TimesEducation Law Reporter.  355:633-640. 2018
2018 The battle over the Confederate flag in our schools: Heritage or Oppression?Education Law Reporter.  352:937-960. 2018
2017 "Stupid but Constitutional": Courts Continue to Limit Teacher's Curricular-Related SpeechEducation Law Reporter.  342:880. 2017
2017 Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders in Our Schools: The Unthinkable Ethical Dilemma for EducatorsRutgers JL & Pub. Pol'y.  14:287-287. 2017
2017 Don’t tax the kids: Supporting preschool education through property tax exemptionsUniversity of Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy.  28:475-475. 2017
2017 Guns, Grizzlies, and Fences: Security Responses In Our SchoolsEducation Law Reporter.  342:1. 2017
2016 Caveat Emptor? The University Syllabus and the Marketplace of IdeasEducation Law Reporter.  336. 2016
2016 Does a Student Have a Constitutional Right to Criticize Lesbianism in a University Film Course? A Federal Court Says Yes.Teachers College Record2016
2016 G.G. v. Glouster County School Board: The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds the U.S. Department of Education’s Transgender Restroom Policy.”Teachers College Record2016
2016 Vergara v. State of California: The End of Teacher Tenure or a Flawed RulingS. Cal. Interdisc. LJ.  25:589. 2016
2016 When a parent directs a child not be resuscitated, what should educators do?The Conversation2016
2016 Zero Tolerance, Threats of Harm, and the Imaginary Gun:" Good Intentions Run AmuckBrigham Young University Education and Law Journal.  16. 2016
2015 Does wearing a school uniform improve student behavior?The Conversation2015
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2015 Student off-campus behavior: Extracurricular Activities and the status of exemplarWest's Education Law Reporter.  319:609. 2015
2014 Logo and Words on School Uniforms Raise Free Speech Questions, Federal Appeals Court RulesPractical Education Law Team: Education in an Instant2014
2014 It’s Her Fault”: An Illinois School Board Fires a Guidance Counselor for Self-Pubishing a Sexuall Explicit Advice Book on Adult RelationsTeaches College Record2014
2014 Litigation and Organization: Educational Rights in a Deliberative Democracy. A Book Review of Realizing Educational Rights: Advancing School Reform through Courts and CommunitiesDemocracy and Education.  22:11. 2014
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2014 Teacher evaluation. Principal perceptions of the barriers to dismissal: Research, policy, and practice.Education Law & Policy Review.  1:172-192. 2014
2014 Title IX’s “Deliberate Indifference” standard for determining liability under Title IX when students are sexually abused by school employees: A trust betrayedWest's Education Law Reporter.  299:811. 2014
2013 Arbitration litigation concerning teacher discipline for misuse of technology: A preliminary assessmentWest's Education Law Reporter.  296:22. 2013
2013 School Counselor Training with LGBTQ Clients: A Constitutional ConflictJournal of LGBT Issues in Counseling.  7:44-64. 2013
2013 University Curriculum and the Constitution: Personal Beliefs and Professional Ethics in Graduate SchoolJC & UL.  39:303. 2013
2012 A "Law Too Far"? The Wisconsin Budget Repair Act: PointEducation Law Reporter.  275:1-15. 2012
2012 A Parent's Child and the State's Future Citizen: Judicial and Legislative Responses to the Tension over the Right to Direct an EducationS. Cal. Interdisc. LJ.  22:591. 2012
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2011 Counterpoint: Immorality, teacher private conduct, and adverse notoriety: A needed recalculation of nexus?Journal of Law and Education.  40:327-339. 2011
2011 Immorality, Teacher Private Conduct, and Adverse Notoriety: A Needed Recalculation of NexusJL & Educ..  40:327. 2011
2011 Sexual orientation, higher education and the First Amendment: Several courts consider whether public universities must accept groups or individuals who oppose homosexual conduct.Education Law Reporter.  267:425-445. 2011
2011 Student Victims or Student Criminals-The Bookends of Sexting in a Cyber WorldCardozo Pub. L. Pol'y & Ethics J..  10:1. 2011
2011 The Right to Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public SchoolsJournal of Law and Education.  40:725. 2011
2010 Anti-gay T-shirt litigation in the Seventh and Ninth Circuits: A conflict of outcomes, but shared valuesEducation Law Reporter.  254. 2010
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Year Title
2019 Removing Ineffective Educators Using an Effective and Fair Documentation System 2019
2018 Mapping Out the Terrain: Northeastern Principals” Perceptions of the Barriers and Facilitators to Implementing K-12 Competency-Based Education, 2018
2017 Confederate Symbols In Our Schools 2017
2015 School Uniforms in New Hampshire Public Schools: Hype or Hope?Policy Brief # 15-022015
2014 The School Uniform and Compelled Speech.Policy Brief #14-012014
2013 Teaching Interns, Professionalism, and the Challenges of Social MediaPolicy Brief #13-012013
2012 Amending the New Hampshire Constitution (CACR 12): Education Will No Longer Be Fundamental to the Citizens of New HampshirePolicy Brief #12-022012
2012 HB 542 and Parental Control: “Shredding” the Public School CurriculumPolicy Brief #12-012012
2011 Student outcomes, teacher effectiveness: Raising a cautionary flagUNH Policy Brief2011
2010 Canine Drug Searches of Student Possessions: Law and Policy.Policy Brief #10-012010
Student Internet Speech: Discipline and Free Speech, Finding the BalancePolicy Brief # 15-01


Year Title
2018 Educators at the Bargaining Table Successfully Negotiating a Contract That Works for All 2018
2015 The Challenges of Mandating School Uniforms in the Public Schools: Free Speech, Research, and Policy 2015
2014 Student Dress Codes and the First Amendment: Legal Challenges and Policy Issues 2014
2010 Labor Relations in Education: Policies, Politics, and Practices 2010
2007 Negligence: What Principals Need to Know About Avoiding Liability 2007
2007 Sexual Orientation, Public Schools, and the Law.  Ed. 77.  2007
1997 The Limits of Law-Based School Reform. Vain Hopes and False Promises. 1997
1994 Teacher Unions and TQE: Building Quality Labor Relations. 1994


Year Title
2015 The Changing Nature of Teachers’ Unions and Collective Bargaining.  471-485. 2015
2012 Should all public schools adopt dress code policies that focus on student safety? Counterpoint..  10-18. 2012
2012 Should schools have the authority to require students to wear uniforms? Counterpoint..  48-56. 2012
2008 Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education: Student-On-Student sexual harassment 2008
2005 Education reform.  312-313. 2005
2005 Tort liability.  183-207. 2005
2004 Employment issues in the community college.  29-39. 2004
2004 The law and student clothing.  51-73. 2004

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Year Title
“Courting Change: Legal Perspectives on Contemporary LGBT Issues.”

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