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Year Title
2017 "Stupid but Constitutional": Courts Continue to Limit Teacher's Curricular-Related SpeechEducation Law Reporter.  342:880. 2017
2017 Guns, Grizzlies, and Fences: Security Responses In Our SchoolsEducation Law Reporter.  342:1. 2017
2016 Caveat Emptor? The University Syllabus and the Marketplace of IdeasEducation Law Reporter.  336. 2016
2016 Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders in Our Schools: The Unthinkable Ethical Dilemma for EducatorsRutgers JL & Pub. Pol'y.  14:287. 2016
2016 Does a Student Have a Constitutional Right to Criticize Lesbianism in a University Film Course? A Federal Court Says Yes.Teachers College Record2016
2016 G.G. v. Glouster County School Board: The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds the U.S. Department of Education’s Transgender Restroom Policy.”Teachers College Record2016
2016 Vergara v. State of California: The End of Teacher Tenure or a Flawed RulingS. Cal. Interdisc. LJ.  25:589. 2016
2016 When a parent directs a child not be resuscitated, what should educators do?The Conversation2016
2016 Zero Tolerance, Threats of Harm, and the Imaginary Gun:" Good Intentions Run AmuckBrigham Young University Education and Law Journal.  16. 2016
2015 Does wearing a school uniform improve student behavior?The Conversation2015
2015 Frudden v. Pilling: The School Uniform and Compelled SpeechWest's Education Law Reporter.  312:1. 2015
2015 Student off-campus behavior: Extracurricular Activities and the status of exemplarWest's Education Law Reporter.  319:609. 2015
2014 It’s Her Fault”: An Illinois School Board Fires a Guidance Counselor for Self-Pubishing a Sexuall Explicit Advice Book on Adult RelationsTeaches College Record2014
2014 Litigation and Organization: Educational Rights in a Deliberative Democracy. A Book Review of Realizing Educational Rights: Advancing School Reform through Courts and CommunitiesDemocracy and Education.  22:11. 2014
2014 Teacher evaluation. Principal perceptions of the barriers to dismissal: Research, policy, and practice.Education Law & Policy Review.  1:172. 2014
2014 Title IX’s “Deliberate Indifference” standard for determining liability under Title IX when students are sexually abused by school employees: A trust betrayedWest's Education Law Reporter.  299:811. 2014
2013 Arbitration litigation concerning teacher discipline for misuse of technology: A preliminary assessmentWest's Education Law Reporter.  296:22. 2013
2013 Locked Down and Armed: Security Responses to Violence in Our SchoolsConn. Pub. Int. LJ.  13:275. 2013
2013 School Counselor Training with LGBTQ Clients: A Constitutional ConflictJournal of LGBT Issues in Counseling.  7:44-64. 2013
2013 University Curriculum and the Constitution: Personal Beliefs and Professional Ethics in Graduate SchoolJC & UL.  39:303. 2013
2012 A Parent's Child and the State's Future Citizen: Judicial and Legislative Responses to the Tension over the Right to Direct an EducationS. Cal. Interdisc. LJ.  22:591. 2012
2012 Teacher effectiveness and value-added modeling: Building a pathway to educational malpracticeBYU Educ. & LJ.  257. 2012
2011 Bullying and the Conundrum of Free Speech in the United StatesEducation and Law Journal.  20:191. 2011
2011 Immorality, Teacher Private Conduct, and Adverse Notoriety: A Needed Recalculation of NexusJL & Educ..  40:327. 2011
2011 LABOR RELATIONS AND THE CHALLENGES OF LEADINGThe SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership: Advances in Theory, Research, and Practice.  381. 2011
2011 Student Victims or Student Criminals-The Bookends of Sexting in a Cyber WorldCardozo Pub. L. Pol'y & Ethics J..  10:1. 2011
2011 Student outcomes, teacher effectiveness: Raising a cautionary flagUNH Policy Brief2011
2011 The Right to Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America's Public SchoolsJournal of Law and Education.  40:725. 2011
2009 Assessment, accountability and malpracticeThe New Hampshire Journal of Education.  12:39-44. 2009
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2008 In loco parentisEncyclopedia of Education Law.  462-463. 2008
2008 Student speech: School boards, gay/straight alliances, and the Equal Access ActBYU Educ. & LJ.  89. 2008
2008 To test or not to test? Drug testing teachers: The view of the superintendentTeachers College Record.  110:1207-1240. 2008
2007 A Crack in the Educational Malpractice Wall.School Administrator.  64:34-36. 2007
2007 Academic freedom and the public school teacher: An exploratory study of perceptions, policy, and the lawBYU Educ. & LJ.  83. 2007
2007 Zero tolerance and the paradox of fairness: Viewpoints from the classroomJL & Educ..  36:211. 2007
2006 Negligence: What Principals Need to Know about Avoiding Liability.Rowman & Littlefield Education2006
2005 Harry Potter and the public school libraryPhi Delta Kappan.  87:159-165. 2005
2005 A duty owed: Tort liability and the perceptions of public school principalsWest's Education Law Reporter.  201:1-194. 2005
2005 Harry Potter Versus Muggles: Literary Criticism and Legal Challenge.International Journal of Educational Reform.  14:2-16. 2005
2004 CommentaryJournals of Gerontology - Series A Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences.  59:M611-M612. 2004
2004 Employment issues in the community collegeNew Directions for Community Colleges.  2004:29-39. 2004
2003 Policy responses to violence in our schools: An exploration of security as a fundamental valueBYU Educ. & LJ.  459. 2003
2003 Statutes and standards: has the door to educational malpractice been openedBYU Educ. & LJ.  485. 2003
2002 A New Balance of In-Class Speech: No Longer Just a MouthpieceJL & Educ..  31:473. 2002
2002 The duty to protect: Blackstone's doctrine of in loco parentis: A lens for viewing the sexual abuse of studentsBYU Educ. & LJ.  17. 2002
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1999 Pants and Hats: Dress Codes and Expressive Conduct as SpeechInternational Journal of Educational Reform.  8:413-418. 1999
1999 School Finance Reform in the" Live Free or Die" State: Personal, Legal, and Policy Responses to" Claremont School District v. Governor.".International Journal of Educational Reform.  8:89-98. 1999
1999 School finance reform: The carousel reformSchool Business Affairs.  65. 1999
1999 The Confederate Flag and the First Amendment: A Symbol of Pride of Oppression?" West v. Derby Unified School District# 260.".International Journal of Educational Reform.  8:180-85. 1999
1998 A Primer on Section 504: An Inservice for Educators.International Journal of Educational Reform.  7:189-94. 1998
1998 A reinvented union: A concern for teaching, not just teachersJournal of Personnel Evaluation in Education Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability.  11:255-268. 1998
1998 Race, a Relevant Factor? Our Fractured View of Affirmative Action:" Piscataway Township Board of Education v. Taxman.".International Journal of Educational Reform.  7:72-79. 1998
1998 Sexual Abuse of Students: Actual Notice and Deliberate Indifference. The Supreme Court's Title IX Standard for School District LiabilityInternational Journal of Educational Reform.  7:372-379. 1998
1998 Tort Liability in the Classroom, the Science Lab, and on the Playground.International Journal of Educational Reform.  7:281-88. 1998
1997 " The Right to Direct the Upbringing of a Child." Parent as Sovereign and the State as Educator: A Balance of Vital InterestsIJER Vol 6-N3.  368. 1997
1997 A Symbolic Union? Public Instruction in the Private School.International Journal of Educational Reform.  6:482-89. 1997
1997 A Symbolic Union?: Public Instruction in the Private School. Agostini v. FeltonIJER Vol 6-N4.  482. 1997
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1996 At the Margin of Academic Freedom and Sexual Harassment: An Analysis ofWest's Education Law Quarterly.  5:716-35. 1996
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1996 Speech and Religion at the Margin." Rosenberger v. University of Virginia.".International Journal of Educational Reform.  5:229-36. 1996
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1995 Competence, documentation, and dismissal: A legal templateInternational Journal of Educational Reform.  4:88-95. 1995
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1994 Security: An Emerging Fundamental Value in Educational Policy Making?.International Journal of Educational Reform.  3:348-53. 1994
1994 Witches, cauldrons, and “wicca” in the public-school curriculum: Is government establishing a religion? The courts think not.International Journal of Educational Reform.  3:474-480. 1994
1993 Collective bargaining, professionalism, and restructuringInternational Journal of Educational Reform.  2:77-81. 1993
1993 Private Lives: Community Control vs. Professional Autonomy.West's Education Law Quarterly.  2:217-26. 1993
1992 " Miles v. Denver Public Schools": Teacher Autonomy, an Endangered Concept?.International Journal of Educational Reform.  1:298-302. 1992
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1991 Invocations and the Establishment Clause: The Use of Different LensesThe Clearing House.  65:118-122. 1991
1990 Negligent HiringThe Clearing House.  64:8-10. 1990
1981 What, Exactly, Is Sexual Misconduct?.American School Board Journal.  168:33. 1981


Year Title
2018 Educators at the Bargaining Table Successfully Negotiating a Contract That Works for All 2018
2015 The Challenges of Mandating School Uniforms in the Public Schools: Free Speech, Research, and Policy 2015
2007 Sexual Orientation, Public Schools, and the Law.  Ed. 77.  2007
1997 The Limits of Law-Based School Reform. Vain Hopes and False Promises. 1997
1994 Teacher Unions and TQE: Building Quality Labor Relations. 1994


Year Title
2015 The Changing Nature of Teachers’ Unions and Collective Bargaining.  471-485. 2015

Conference Proceeding

Year Title
2002 Accountability and educational malpractice: A new high stakes test?BALANCING RIGHTS. 97-100. 2002
2001 Policy responses to violence in our schools: An exploration of security as a fundamental value2001: A LEGAL ODYSSEY. 397-400. 2001
1995 A focus on jell-o and belly dancing: Academic freedom and sexual harassment, an analysis of Silva v University of New Hampshire1995 NOLPE ANNUAL CONVENTION. 57-60. 1995

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