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  • Dr. Brockmann is an environmental and development economist focusing on how interactions between people and the environment create economic inefficiencies and what policy prescriptions are needed as remedies. Her research involves building and analyzing spatial bioeconomic models in both developed- and developing-economy settings and informing policy amid spatial processes and externalities. Specifically, she estimates the consequences of neglecting spatial, ecological, or behavioral components when determining welfare impacts from an invasive species or infectious disease. Stephanie's work has been accepted for presentation in several settings including the ASSA Annual Meeting and the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists. Her teaching interests are in microeconomics and environmental and natural resource economics.
  • Teaching Activities

  • Inter Microeconomic Analysis Taught course 2020
  • Inter. Microeconomics w/Calc Taught course 2020
  • Microeconomics II Taught course 2019
  • Education And Training

  • M.A. Applied Economics, Western Ky University
  • Ph.D., University of Wyoming
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  • Stephanie Brockmann