Academic Article

Year Title
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2018 Forecasting Periods of Strong Southward Magnetic Field Following Interplanetary ShocksSpace Weather.  16:2004-2021. 2018
2018 On the Spatial Coherence of Magnetic Ejecta: Measurements of Coronal Mass Ejections by Multiple Spacecraft Longitudinally Separated by 0.01 auAstrophysical Journal Letters.  864:L7-L7. 2018
2018 Opening a Window on ICME-driven GCR Modulation in the Inner Solar SystemAstrophysical Journal.  856:139-139. 2018
2018 Forward Modeling of Coronal Mass Ejection Flux Ropes in the Inner Heliosphere with 3DCORE.Space Weather.  16:216-229. 2018
2018 Update on the Worsening Particle Radiation Environment Observed by CRaTER and Implications for Future Human Deep-Space ExplorationSpace Weather.  16:289-303. 2018
2017 Importance of CME Radial Expansion on the Ability of Slow CMEs to Drive ShocksAstrophysical Journal.  848:75-75. 2017
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2016 Earth's magnetosphere and outer radiation belt under sub-Alfvénic solar wind.Nature Communications.  7:13001. 2016
2016 Longitudinal conjunction between MESSENGER and STEREO A: Development of ICME complexity through stream interactionsJournal of Geophysical Research.  121:6092-6106. 2016
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2013 A comparison of magnetic overshoots at the bow shocks of Mercury and SaturnJournal of Geophysical Research.  118:4381-4390. 2013
First observations of an ICME compressing Mercury's dayside magnetosphere to the surface

Education And Training

  • D Astro-Geophysics, University of British Columbia
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  • Reka Winslow