Community annotation and bioinformatics workforce development in concert--Little Skate Genome Annotation Workshops and Jamborees.

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  • Recent advances in high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies have equipped biologists with a powerful new set of tools for advancing research goals. The resulting flood of sequence data has made it critically important to train the next generation of scientists to handle the inherent bioinformatic challenges. The North East Bioinformatics Collaborative (NEBC) is undertaking the genome sequencing and annotation of the little skate (Leucoraja erinacea) to promote advancement of bioinformatics infrastructure in our region, with an emphasis on practical education to create a critical mass of informatically savvy life scientists. In support of the Little Skate Genome Project, the NEBC members have developed several annotation workshops and jamborees to provide training in genome sequencing, annotation and analysis. Acting as a nexus for both curation activities and dissemination of project data, a project web portal, SkateBase ( has been developed. As a case study to illustrate effective coupling of community annotation with workforce development, we report the results of the Mitochondrial Genome Annotation Jamborees organized to annotate the first completely assembled element of the Little Skate Genome Project, as a culminating experience for participants from our three prior annotation workshops. We are applying the physical/virtual infrastructure and lessons learned from these activities to enhance and streamline the genome annotation workflow, as we look toward our continuing efforts for larger-scale functional and structural community annotation of the L. erinacea genome.
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  • Wang, Qinghua
  • Arighi, Cecilia N
  • King, Benjamin L
  • Polson, Shawn W
  • Vincent, James
  • Chen, Chuming
  • Huang, Hongzhan
  • Kingham, Brewster F
  • Page, Shallee T
  • Rendino, Marc Farnum
  • Thomas, W. Kelley
  • Udwary, Daniel W
  • Wu, Cathy H
  • North East Bioinformatics Collaborative Curation Team
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  • 2012
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  • Animals
  • Base Sequence
  • Computational Biology
  • Genome
  • Molecular Sequence Annotation
  • Molecular Sequence Data
  • Skates, Fish
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