Productive entrepreneurship within the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Insights from social exchange theory

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  • AbstractUtilizing insights from the social exchange theory, we examine the conceptual underpinnings of social exchange relationships between the entrepreneur and other ecosystem actors, explaining the emergence and expansion of EE‐wide productive entrepreneurship. Adopting a process view, we offer a theoretical framework that suggests that, with time, more actors enter the ecosystem, and with diverse resources, approaches, and expectations. Further, the increase of social exchanges among them leads to an expansion in the structures, processes, and networks, thus influencing EE‐wide productive entrepreneurship. This is an important insight for policymakers worldwide that are interested in ensuring productive entrepreneurship within the EE. Our research offers a compelling theoretical rationale for why effective collaboration among EE actors for sharing resources, information, and knowledge facilitates the achievement of productive entrepreneurship.
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  • Dutta, Devkamal
  • Khurana, Indu
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