Excess adiposity contributes to higher ambulatory central blood pressure and arterial stiffness in physically inactive young adults.

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  • BACKGROUND: It remains unknown if physical inactivity and excess adiposity increases 24-h central blood pressure and arterial stiffness in young adults. This study examined 24-h central blood pressure and indirect measures of arterial stiffness (e.g., central pulse pressure) in physically inactive young adults with and without excess adiposity. METHODS: Body fat and ambulatory 24-h blood pressure were measured in 31 young adults (men: 22±4 years, N.=15; women: 22±5 years, N=16). Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance measured body fat. Normal adiposity was defined as <20% body fat in men and <32% body fat in women, whereas excess adiposity was defined as ≥20% and ≥32% in men and women, respectively. Ambulatory 24-h central blood pressure was calculated based on brachial blood pressure and volumetric displacement waveforms. RESULTS: By design, the normal adiposity group had a lower body fat percentage (men: 15.5±4.6%; women: 20.8±2.5%) compared to the physically inactive excess adiposity group (men: 29.8±5.4%; women: 34.3±7.5%). Men and women with excess adiposity group had elevated central blood pressure (central systolic, P<0.05 vs. normal adiposity groups). Central pulse pressure was elevated in the excess adiposity group (men: 45±5 mmHg; women: 41±9 mmHg) compared to normal adiposity groups (men: 36±4 mmHg; women: 32±3 mmHg, P<0.05 for both), while other arterial stiffness (augmentation index and ambulatory arterial stiffness index) measures trended toward significance only in men with excess adiposity. CONCLUSIONS: Physically inactive men and women with excess adiposity have increased 24h central blood pressure and pulse pressure compared to physically inactive young adults with normal adiposity.
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  • Brian, Michael
  • Blier, Amanda R
  • Alward, Braeden M
  • Waite, Emily E
  • D'Amelio, Maison P
  • Shaw, Marialena A
  • O'Neill, Daniel F
  • Chaidarun, Sushela S
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  • May 9, 2023
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