Magnetic Waves Excited by Newborn Pickup H+ Near Jupiter: Neutral Hydrogen Loss by the Planetary System

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  • AbstractWe report here observations of magnetic waves recorded by the Voyager spacecraft in the solar wind near Jupiter that are possibly the result of excitation by newborn pickup H+. Consideration of growth rates due to the known interstellar ion sources strongly disfavor an interstellar source. To determine the likely source of the waves, we compute the minimum ion production rate by equating wave growth to turbulent cascade rates and derive a lower limit for the production of H+ at the times of observations. The only available source of neutral H at these times and at the levels required is the Jovian system, most notably charge exchange between energetic protons and the neutral clouds around Io and Europa's orbits. Further refinement of the source identity is not possible at this time. We provide an estimate for the neutral H source subject to assumptions of the latitudinal extent of the population which is not constrained by observation.
  • Authors

  • Hollick, Sophia J
  • Smith, Charles
  • Pine, Zackary B
  • Argall, Matthew R
  • Joyce, Colin J
  • Isenberg, Philip A
  • Vasquez, Bernard J
  • Schwadron, Nathan
  • Sokol, Justyna M
  • Bzowski, Maciej
  • Kubiak, Marzena A
  • Bagenal, F
  • Richardson, John D
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    Publication Date

  • July 2022
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  • Jupiter
  • Voyager
  • magnetic waves
  • pickup ions
  • solar wind
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  • 127
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  • 7