Heterotic coset models and (0, 2) string vacua

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  • A Lagrangian definition of a large family of (0,2) supersymmetric conformal field theories may be made by an appropriate gauge invariant combination of a gauged Wess-Zumino-Witten model, right-moving supersymmetry fermions, and left-moving current algebra fermions. Throughout this paper, use is made of the interplay between field theoretic and algebraic techniques (together with supersymmetry) which is facilitated by such a definition. These heterotic coset models are thus studied in some detail, with particular attention paid to the (0,2) analogue of the N=2 minimal models, which coincide with the `monopole' theory of Giddings, Polchinski and Strominger. A family of modular invariant partition functions for these (0,2) minimal models is presented. Some examples of N=1 supersymmetric four dimensional string theories with gauge groups E_6 X G and SO(10) X G are presented, using these minimal models as building blocks. The factor G represents various enhanced symmetry groups made up of products of SU(2) and U(1).
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  • Berglund, Per
  • Johnson, CV
  • Kachru, S
  • Zaugg, P
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  • February 5, 1996
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  • Nuclear Physics B  Journal
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  • hep-th
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