Tunable Photocatalytic Production of Syngas Using Co@C3N4 and Black Phosphorus

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  • AbstractPhotocatalytic syngas production is an attractive option to efficiently generate a feedstock for the Fischer‐Tropsch processes that can produce liquid fuels and other chemicals. One‐pot photocatalytic production of syngas (H2+CO) with specific and controllable ratios of H2/CO has proven to be a significant challenge to date. In this work, single Co2+ sites loaded onto carbon nitride (Co@C3N4) is combined with black phosphorus (BP) to form a hybrid material, which is capable of simultaneous photocatalytic evolution of H2 and CO. H2/CO syngas ratios can be controlled in the range from 0.30 to 5.16 by changing the % weight of BP in this system or by the addition of CoCl2 in the reaction solution. Maximum total gas evolution of 70 μmol g−1 h−1 was achieved with 20 wt % BP (BP20%/Co@C3N4) at a H2/CO ratio of 2.
  • Authors

  • Pollak, Nicholas
  • Huang, Peipei
  • Bell, Hannah
  • Li, Gonghu
  • Caputo, Christine
  • Status

    Publication Date

  • July 2021
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  • Keywords

  • cobalt
  • electron transfer
  • graphitic carbon nitride
  • phosphorus
  • photocatalysis
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