Non-perturbative superpotentials in F-theory and string duality

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  • We use open-closed string duality between F-theory on K3xK3 and type II strings on CY manifolds without branes to study non-perturbative superpotentials in generalized flux compactifications. On the F-theory side we obtain the full flux potential including D3-instanton contributions and show that it leads to an explicit and simple realization of the three ingredients of the KKLT model for stringy dS vacua. The D3-instanton contribution is highly non-trivial, can be systematically computed including the determinant factors and demonstrates that a particular flux lifts very effectively zero modes on the instanton. On the closed string side, we propose a generalization of the Gukov-Vafa-Witten superpotential for type II strings on generalized CY manifolds, depending on all moduli multiplets.
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  • Berglund, Per
  • Mayr, P
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  • January 2013
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  • F-Theory
  • Flux compactifications
  • String Duality
  • dS vacua in string theory
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  • 114
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  • 2013
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