Multi-cahannel Readout of the SONTRAC Instrument for the Detection of Fast Neutrons

Conference Paper


  • Abstract—Solar neutrons are the tell-tale of highly energetic processes (e.g. solar flares) at the Sun in which particle acceleration is taking place over a broad range in energy. Unlike charged radiation, neutrons escape unscathed from the ambient magnetic fields, providing a view of particle acceleration unhindered by the effects of transport. High-energy neutrons are challenging to measure with the traditional double scatter technique based on time-of-flight (ToF). This technique is limited by the finite flight path and active scintillator sizes required by small satellite platforms. The new SOlar Neutron TRACking (SONTRAC) concept, based on scintillating-fiber bundles, will provide highresolution imaging of fast neutrons at energies where the bulk of solar and magnetospheric neutrons resides. Recent development of the new SONTRAC instrument concept’s advanced electronics and processing algorithms are presented.
  • Authors

  • Suarez, George
  • de Nolfo, Georgia
  • Mitchell, J Grant
  • Legere, Jason
  • Messner, Richard
  • Ryan, James
  • DuMonthier, Jeff
  • Liceaga-Indart, Iker
  • Bruno, Alessandro
  • Tatoli, Teresa