POET: POlarimeters for Energetic Transients

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  • POET (Polarimeters for Energetic Transients) is a Small Explorer mission concept proposed to NASA in January 2008. The principal scientific goal of POET is to measure GRB polarization between 2 and 500 keV. The payload consists of two wide FoV instruments: a Low Energy Polarimeter (LEP) capable of polarization measurements in the energy range from 2-15 keV and a high energy polarimeter (Gamma-Ray Polarimeter Experiment -- GRAPE) that will measure polarization in the 60-500 keV energy range. Spectra will be measured from 2 keV up to 1 MeV. The POET spacecraft provides a zenith-pointed platform for maximizing the exposure to deep space. Spacecraft rotation will provide a means of effectively dealing with systematics in the polarization response. POET will provide sufficient sensitivity and sky coverage to measure statistically significant polarization for up to 100 GRBs in a two-year mission. Polarization data will also be obtained for solar flares, pulsars and other sources of astronomical interest.
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  • Hill, JE
  • McConnell, Mark
  • Bloser, P
  • Legere, J
  • Macri, J
  • Ryan, J
  • Barthelmy, S
  • Angelini, L
  • Sakamoto, T
  • Black, JK
  • Hartmann, DH
  • Kaaret, P
  • Zhang, B
  • Ioka, K
  • Nakamura, T
  • Toma, K
  • Yamazaki, R
  • Wu, X
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  • 2008
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