Energy transport during O+ energization by ELF waves observed by the Freja satellite

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  • We present a study of strong ELF waves correlated with O+ ion heating. We investigate the kinetic energy flux of oxygen ions and electrons parallel to the ambient magnetic field and the Poynting flux along the magnetic field of waves in different frequency regions. We show that the Poynting flux of lower hybrid waves and waves with frequencies below the oxygen gyrofrequency is downward but much less than the upgoing oxygen ion energy flux. The Poynting flux of ELF waves with frequencies at about half the local proton gyrofrequency is also downward, and it is comparable to, or larger, than the upward oxygen energy flux. Our results are consistent with a scenario where ELF waves with frequencies around half the proton gyrofrequency are generated above the satellite and transfer energy to oxygen ions in a region below the satellite.
  • Authors

  • Vaivads, A
  • Andre, M
  • Norqvist, P
  • Oscarsson, T
  • Ronnmark, K
  • Blomberg, L
  • Clemmons, James
  • Santolik, O
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  • February 1, 1999
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  • 2572
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  • 104
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  • A2