The Fluxgate-Searchcoil Merged (FSM) Magnetic Field Data Product for MMS

Academic Article


  • The Fluxgate-Searchcoil Merged (FSM) data product for the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission is created by combining the level-2 science quality data from the fluxgate and searchcoil magnetometers into a single level-3 data product. The merging method involves noise floor and calibration parameters determined both on the pre- and post-flight. Here, we describe the statistical inter-calibration process as well as the merging filter.
  • Authors

  • Argall, MR
  • Fischer, D
  • Contel, O Le
  • Mirioni, L
  • Torbert, Roy
  • Dors, I
  • Chutter, M
  • Needell, J
  • Strangeway, R
  • Magnes, W
  • Russell, CT
  • Keywords