Discerning the binary neutron star or neutron star-black hole nature of GW170817 with Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Measurements

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  • The discovery of GW170817 with gravitational waves (GWs) and electromagnetic (EM) radiation is prompting new questions in strong-gravity astrophysics. Importantly, it remains unknown whether the progenitor of the merger comprised two neutron stars (NSs), or a NS and a black hole (BH). Using new numerical-relativity simulations and incorporating modeling uncertainties we produce novel GW and EM observables for NS-BH mergers with similar masses. A joint analysis of GW and EM measurements reveals that if GW170817 is a NS-BH merger, <40% of the GW parameters are compatible with EM observations.
  • Authors

  • Hinderer, Tanja
  • Nissanke, Samaya
  • Foucart, Francois
  • Hotokezaka, Kenta
  • Vincent, Trevor
  • Kasliwal, Mansi
  • Schmidt, Patricia
  • Williamson, Andrew R
  • Nichols, David
  • Duez, Matthew
  • Kidder, Lawrence E
  • Pfeiffer, Harald P
  • Scheel, Mark A
  • Keywords

  • astro-ph.HE