Characterization of a Male Reproductive Transcriptome for Peromyscus eremicus (Cactus mouse)

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  • Abstract:

    Rodents of the genus Peromyscus have become increasingly utilized models for investigations into adaptive biology. This genus is particularly powerful for research linking genetics with adaptive physiology and behaviors, and recent research has capitalized on the unique opportunities afforded by the ecological diversity of these rodents. However, well characterized genomic and transcriptomic data is intrinsic to explorations of the genetic architecture responsible for ecological adaptations. This study characterizes a reproductive transcriptome of male Peromyscus eremicus (Cactus mouse), a desert specialist with extreme physiological adaptations to water limitation. We describe a reproductive transcriptome comprising three tissues in order to expand upon existing research in this species and to facilitate further studies elucidating the genetic basis of potential desert adaptations in male reproductive physiology.
  • Authors

  • Kordonowy, Lauren
  • MacManes, Matthew
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    Publication Date

  • 2016
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