Reconnaissance seabed mapping around the Hall and Cumberland Peninsulas, Nunavut: Opening up the SE Baffin coastline to geological investigations

Academic Article


  • The project activities of the Nuliajuk Seabed Mapping Program (NSMP) include 1) definition of safe access routes into the coastal waters of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement; 2) delineation of seabed morphology along those access routes as an aid in understanding potential marine geohazards; and 3) acquisition of shallow sub-bottom profiling along those routes to define the distribution of surficial sediment.
  • Authors

  • Hughes Clarke, John
  • Muggah, J
  • Renoud, W
  • Bell, T
  • Forbes, DL
  • Cowan, B
  • Kennedy, J
  • Publication Date

  • 2015