Guide Field Reconnection: Exhaust Structure and Heating.

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  • Magnetospheric Multiscale observations are used to probe the structure and temperature profile of a guide field reconnection exhaust ~100 ion inertial lengths downstream from the X-line in the Earth's magnetosheath. Asymmetric Hall electric and magnetic field signatures were detected, together with a density cavity confined near 1 edge of the exhaust and containing electron flow toward the X-line. Electron holes were also detected both on the cavity edge and at the Hall magnetic field reversal. Predominantly parallel ion and electron heating was observed in the main exhaust, but within the cavity, electron cooling and enhanced parallel ion heating were found. This is explained in terms of the parallel electric field, which inhibits electron mixing within the cavity on newly reconnected field lines but accelerates ions. Consequently, guide field reconnection causes inhomogeneous changes in ion and electron temperature across the exhaust.
  • Authors

  • Eastwood, JP
  • Mistry, R
  • Phan, TD
  • Schwartz, SJ
  • Ergun, RE
  • Drake, JF
  • Øieroset, M
  • Stawarz, JE
  • Goldman, MV
  • Haggerty, C
  • Shay, MA
  • Burch, JL
  • Gershman, DJ
  • Giles, BL
  • Lindqvist, PA
  • Torbert, Roy
  • Strangeway, RJ
  • Russell, CT
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  • May 28, 2018
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  • Electron hole
  • Magnetic Reconnection
  • Magnetosheath
  • Magnetospheric Multiscale
  • Plasma heating
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