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  • Coding is an important skill set to develop in any computing discipline and can be especially challenging for Information Technology majors, many of whom shy away from the topic. Learning to program is an iterative process that takes time, requiring trial and error, but as students learn new concepts and tackle more sophisticated problems, it becomes difficult to let go of bad ideas. Instead, students try to improve a bad design when starting over may be a better approach. In an advanced programming course, we design a challenging homework assignment and add in a restart. Students first solve the problem in their own way, after which the instructor develops the solution live in a lab session while students watch without taking notes. Afterwards, students get a second attempt to solve the assignment but must not use any of their original code. The idea is to teach students to throw away code and start over as that is sometimes the best way to learn. This paper details the approach and how it impacts student learning.
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  • September 27, 2017
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